Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Today's Special: The Best $60.00 You Will EVER Spend

After a certain *ahem* age, a complexion product becomes a necessity for most women. The appearance of an even skin tone is the main reason that foundations for the face were created. Women need/want their skin to look it's youngest and best possible with minor effort. In my 20's I got by quite nicely with a tinted moisturizer (aka:BB Cream today) and a bronzer.  After 40 what I realized is that I was missing out on a most magical product. Why had I wasted so much time avoiding foundation?

I know exactly why. I hear the reason almost every day in my store. Foundations got a bad rap for years because of one simple thing. Everyone remembers a girl from high school that always had that tell tale line of demarcation at her chin. Definition: her foundation was too dark for her skin tone which resulted in what we call "floating head syndrome". Two dramatically different tones from head to neck. And if that wasn't enough to make you swear to all that is holy that you would never look like that-said girl from high school ALWAYS wore a white shirt that left a foundation smear all over the collar. Amiright?

Women always say, "I don't wear foundations because I don't want anything heavy on my skin."

I get it-believe me I do because I feel exactly the same way. But trust me when I tell you-foundations have come a long way since the days of that girl from high school. Somebody must have clued the major brands in on this syndrome because technology has perfected the product into simple, subtle, beautiful and LIGHT WEIGHT foundations for all skin types. Matching to your own skin can be tricky but mastered using a simple swatch test at the counter. Once you have chosen the perfect formula for your needs, choose three colors that you think are close to your color and swipe them in a stripe next to each other on your chin. Blend in until you find one that disappears. This is the winner!

Vincent Longo has created one of the best foundations on the market today. Water Canvas Foundation is a creme to powder foundation like no other-and here's the crazy thing-I'm not recommending this as your only foundation. I am recommending this for finishing areas and for touch ups. This product is the most perfect compact foundation to carry in your purse. And it's simply the best $60.00 you will ever spend.

I know you are thinking 'She's crazy! I'm not spending $57.00 on a foundation to carry in my purse.' My response to that is once you try/buy/fall in love with this product you will agree with me. I apply my regular foundation (Kevyn Aucoin Liquid Fondation) with a mineral powder and bronzer for the day-then I use the Vincent Longo Water Canvas around my eye area (on the lid and under the eye area) and my nose and chin WITH MY FINGERS. Yes ladies-I use my fingers.  Can you believe it? I'm not recommending you use some $20-$35.00 tool to apply this product. The fingers that God gave you are the perfect tool to apply this product flawlessly. One to two swirls (do not dig) of your finger over this creamy, pliable product applied to the face is damn near perfect. And here's the BEST thing about Vincent Longo's Water Canvas Foundation, use it mid day, with your fingers for a touch up around the eye area, nose, cheek and chin area and blend outward for the freshest, most flawless touch up EVER!!!!

Call me a liar.
Call me whatever you want-but I challenge you to not try this product and love it.
It's the anti- "Floating Head Syndrome" product for the most curious foundation lover.

These are the most popular colors:
Bisque #5
Warm Beige #6
Sandy Beige #7
Golden Beige #8


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