Monday, March 31, 2014

On Line Vs. On Body

I had an interesting experience yesterday that somewhat renewed my faith in the fact that "brick and mortar" shops are still a viable entity. Without getting too much into that debate, I'll tell you what happened first; I will be going away this week, to a warm destination and I needed a few things. You know, I need a new this and a new that, and because all I ever do is work, I thought "why not shop online?"

Yesterday at 7am I was clicking and clacking away, looking at bathing suits, tops and jeans, but I was having a hard time picturing myself in anything I saw on the computer. I was also having a hard time coming up with search terms for clothing items. How to you search "when I see it I will know" for cute spring fashions? Needless to say, my hour long internet shopping search turned up nothing...(so not like me)

It was then that I knew a trip to the mall was what I needed. I got into my car and headed to the mall on a rainy Sunday. Two hours later, I emerged somewhat victorious! I had covered two of my three major fashion categories and the third one I will handle today at another store where I can peruse the selections, touch the fabrics and try them on. Wow! Who knew it could be so convenient?

The online vs. brick and mortar shopping debate is one that I know only too well. Soon I will be launching my own online shopping store because I understand that I have to embrace the online shopping experience to keep my business relevant, but I think I just proved to myself that online shopping does not negate the in-store experience. It only enhances it! Yes, online shopping is the wave of the future, but what about when you aren't quite sure what you are looking for? What about inspiration? What about the smell of the leather, the feel of the fabric, the perfect pop of color on your lips or the way it sits perfectly on your shoulders? What about the 'cash and carry' effect? This was a learning experience in more ways than one.

I would be interested in what your shopping habits are when it comes to online and in store. Tell me how you like to shop.

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Scope said...

I'm much more of a physical store shopper, unless it's for commodity type items, or things I'm just not going to find conveniently at any local store.

I'm not an Amazon Prime member, and wouldn't shop enough for it to pay off, but with a wife who earns her money flipping items found in thrift stores on eBay, I do a a foot in this debate, too.