Monday, March 10, 2014

The Healing Power Of Pajamas

I've never been one to lounge around in my pajamas, unless I'm sick. It's like this unwritten code in my mind. I feel lazy if I don't get dressed and ready for the day and I always get dressed at some point, even if I have nothing to do. Since I came back from my recent vacation, my schedule has been non-stop. Yesterday was my first day off in a long time and I planned to enjoy it. It started off great! Frick was home for a quick weekend visit and we woke up early and watched "Frozen" in our pajamas with our morning tea. It was just about as close to perfect as one can get. After I made Frick and Frack breakfast, My Guy, took our girl to the train and I said goodbye to my baby. I started a few household chores and the laundry......all in my pajamas.

As the hours crept closer to the time that I mentally needed to be dressed for the day, I felt a surge of guilt for doing something that was taboo to me. But the need to break with my daily routine and, dare I say it, STAY IN MY PAJAMAS took over. I decided to talk myself into it. Once I made the decision to stay in my pajamas all day, there was no going back.  Nothing was different, really, for a regular Sunday. I cleaned, did laundry, checked my email, etc, but the difference was I stayed in my pajamas while doing so.

Mid afternoon, while reading some emails and finishing up some work stuff, I put down my iPad and we clicked on the TV. I might have even drifted off for a power nap. Why is a nap so much more restorative in your pajamas than your regular clothes? I felt amazing and more relaxed than I had in a very long time.Later that afternoon My Guy and Frack went to the Celtics game and I went to the sofa and I binge watched Bravo. It was quite possibly one of the most perfect days I've had in a long time and I think I owe it all to my pajamas. It's not something I plan to make a habit of, but I will say that once in a while I need to go outside my comfort zone and find a new comfort zone! Today I am full of energy and renewed stamina and I never realized a lazy day spent in my pajamas could have that effect on me. I highly recommend you try it, but like anything, in moderation.

Now I understand completely where the old expression, "the cat's pajamas" comes from. Yeah those cats got it all figured out.


Scope said...

I like Sundays like that.

Heff said...

I see NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER with staying in your pajamas all day. "Binge Watching" The Bravo Channel however, is a quite DISTURBING scenario.