Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Frickety Frack...Don't Talk Back.

My baby boy, today is a man. 18 years ago, at 9AM he came to greet his mama.

He has my smile, my baby. He has my mind and my compassion for mankind. And for sure, he has my mouth and he knows just how to use it.

Physical prowess, from a very young age was your thing and I marveled at your skill. But it was your determination that was most remarkable. You knew who you were then and you let us know in no uncertain terms. You were a force to be reckoned with. What was it about your shoes? Your slippers? I just laughed and I let you be who you were. I knew better than to squash your spirit.

Ask and you shall's red and fiery, just like my boy. Today you are a man, but you'll always be my boy. That's more about me than it is about you, so humor me on that, will ya? I think you are most extraordinary. I can't wait till you finally figure that out on your own.

Stay true to who you are, who you have always been because it will be your strength when you need it. The world is your oyster now and I'm not worried about college. We've prepared you plenty, the rest is up to you. I have no doubts about sending this man off. He will be great! Change the world and contribute in your special way and know that life's challenges up to this point were practice for the adulthood you have just entered.

No more Fracky, now BIG Frack, you are the most handsome and loving son in the world. Use your special charm to make others comfortable, and be is your birthright! You tend to challenge-remember to be wise when you do. Only you can make the decision to be wise or not. I trust you will hear your parent's words in your head when you need them.

Tonite we celebrate you! My Frack!  I wish you a wonderful 18th year of life and I am excited to watch you blossom and grow.

Happy Birthday my son. I love you like crazy birthday cakes, and I wish you the most wonderful day. 


Anonymous said...

And smile....because like I did when my daughter turned 18, I gave her a framed copy of a blank 1040 form to give her a heads up of what was in her immediate future.

Scope said...

Hope you all had a good day.

Kenneth Noisewater said...

He's got a good mom!! Looks like a nice kid. No kid is too old for cake.

the walking man said...

The cake is probably all gone, the dishes all cleaned and put away and the new day has begun. May today be the worst day of the next year ahead o child of my friend.