Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Ultimate Gleek

Hey Bloggers..
Sorry about Friday and yesterday. I went to Nantucket with my peeps for "a little nonsense now and then, which is relished by the best of men." I just made it to the airport on Friday morning by the skin of my teeth and had limited access to Internet all weekend. Ahhh the life of a working woman. 

While I was there, I heard the tragic news of Corey Monteith's passing at the age of 31. I immediately knew it had to be drugs and demons, although at this time that has not been confirmed. What else would take a young man so soon?

Why? What happened? And how will Glee ever be the same? Truth be told, I hardly watched this season because I work too damn much and my leisure time on the sofa usually ends up with me passed out cold within 5 mins. But I watched enough to fall madly in love with the show and Mr Monteith's character, Finn Hudson. What a tragedy. What a waste of a completely life of a young man who seemingly had the entertainment/career world by the kahunas. 

So I have to ask, how does a TRAIN WRECK like Amanda Bynes stay alive while Corey is gone? 
Don't get me wrong, I don't wish Amanda Bynes' death at all. On the contrary, I hope Amanda figures her problems out and regains her star status because I think she's a real talent. But you have to admit that her behavior lately is somewhat of a blueprint for deadly disaster. So how did Corey slip through the cracks? Sources report that Corey and Leah were madly in love and that he was cleaning up his act for good. 

Terrible, terrible, terrible, which is what we should say when we loose someone so young too soon. There will truly be one less voice to warm our hearts this fall when the show that made him a superstar returns to TV.

And a lot less Glee.


MarkD60 said...

My wife loves that show. When she watches it I go outside and smoke a cigar.

Scope said...

I'm starting to wonder how young folks survive Hollywood.