Wednesday, July 24, 2013

College Prep

So I'm back here again...

This time it's very different and this time it's much harder. Frack has entered the age when all things pertaining to college must be addressed and Frack is slightly overwhelmed by it all. My son manifests his frustration in difficult ways which translate into a "I couldn't care less" attitude. But I know him and I know he does care. The easy thing for him, would be to take a "chips fall where they may" attitude, but I won't let him be lazy. 

We are deep into the testing season and the recruiting season and Frack has some good options, but he has to work harder both on the course and off to realize his dreams. That's where Frack and I have a hard time communicating. Frack has decided that he just wants to have fun. 

"It's summer mom. I just want to hang out with my friends." he says.

And before you say anything, yes he has a job. He works at a local restaurant 2-3 nights a week, which really cuts into his social time. A fact which he reminds me of everyday but cars don't run on air. Frack must work if he wants to drive his car. So we forge ahead and he reluctantly prepares his lists of schools and college applications. Some days he's full of motivation and excitement. The prospect of leaving mom and dad and having an entire world to himself is most appealing. But some days he's not the slightest bit concerned about deadlines and essays, and assures me he will take care of things in time. I realize that he needs to police himself, but his track record on that aint-a-so-good.

Oh the joys of the college process!

I worry and I wait and in the meantime I remind him that he has to be responsible to no avail. Then I pray to God to give me patience and strength. 


MarkD60 said...

It is my belief that the bigger decisions are less important than we make them and the smaller decisions are more important than we make them. Rest Easy. Things will work out fine.

Furtheron said...

My daughter is near to applying for university - life is very different here in the UK, you apply almost a year before you complete your secondary education. We also specialise much more, more quickly in the UK so by now she is only studying 4 subjects and so you apply for very specific courses at uni. Once you apply you wait for "the offers" these are points and grade based so she then will know what she needs to get next summer in her final exams to get in... the uni she's liked the best so far... yep the one likely to demand straight A's... will she do enough work? She might need a lower "insurance" offer as well I fear but really - Her life, her choice now I can do nothing but listen, offer my advice (trying not to live my ambitions through her) and hope.

I'm sure Frack will end up in the right place for him

the walking man said...

BY this time next week the firs will be lit. If he goes to FLA I have nephew, 34 single, lives in a beach condo and works for Boeing. I think he could help him navigate the social scene (at the beach at least.)

Scope said...

Tell him if he doesn't shape up, you'll choose the school, and ship him off to NYC and make him live in a small apt with his SISTER!

That should put a spur in his bottom.


And totally freaking out about that process starting for us VERY soon too.