Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tapping A Vein

Like my BFF texted to me just yesterday, "You my dear absolutely need a product intervention". 

Ok, so I will wholeheartedly admit to being a hapless, hopeless product junkie. I do not discriminate either. I even like products that don't come from The Candy Bar, and I will spend money on them at RETAIL cost. Maybe my BFF was right.

Take for example this scenario:

My BFF and I were shopping after the brunch we shared on Sunday and we ventured into L'Occitane. They were having a sale so I, of course purchased three items. I purchased the product pictured here: 

Without really looking ( which is very interesting)  I pulled out the amazing scented "lotion" and applied it to my just showered body. The glorious scent of honey permeated the bathroom as I smoothed it on my arms. Immediately it turned white on my body, which was completely unexpected and slightly foreign for a body lotion. I contunued rubbing to the point where the white color disappeared; approximately 4-5 seconds later. "Strange consistency and a bit longer to rub in",I thought, but my smooth and  supple skin scented with the most amazing honey scent made me soon forget the application. 

On day two I was still surprised by the same application process, and the day-long, fresh scent of honey that surrounded me made me slightly obsessive over my new found body lotion. My skin looked great! It was hydrated and looked dewy. Still, the application haunted me. Was I doing something wrong? Last night I grabbed my glasses and picked up the bottle to read it for the first time. As you can see it was CLEARLY body wash not body lotion. That explained a lot!

I chuckled a bit, at myself, and quickly realized that I didn't care if it was lotion or wash.  I'm thinking im still going to continue to use it the way that I have been. Maybe I am on to something here? It's creamy enough to fake me out, and I'm an expert!! I later did a bit of research on the line to see if there was a honey body lotion. The answer is there is not. There is a honey hand cream in a tube, but not quite the size one would need for an entire body daily. I think I will use it as a body wash first, then decide how I best would like to use the product. 

Intervention indeed. Clearly I need a weekend at a spa rehab as my treatment. 


MarkD60 said...

I guess we'd have to take a sniff to find out...

the walking man said...

I think a week end at a homeless shelter would be a better rehab for a cosmetics junkie.