Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Great Underwear Debate

Ok, so I vowed I wasn't going to get in to this on The Daily Dandy, but I gave up swearing for lent, not lying. HA! So here goes. This is one that had us all talking.

Yesterday I'm watching GMA and this story comes on about a mom and her 9 yr old daughter, who she took to Victoria Secret to buy underwear.  Now, there are a few details I need to report before you can form your opinion and respond.

  • She took her to Pink, which is a subsidiary of Victoria Secret that is marketed to college age girls and is still in the same store as Victoria Secret, but has it's own space. Pink's designs are bright, bold, lacy racy and eye catching. As you can see some, not all designs have sayings that could be considered inappropriate for a nine year old. 
  • The mother claims there is "nothing wrong with it". She says "No child wants to be the one in the locker room with the ugly underwear."
  • The child claims it's time to leave the "Gymboree" behind and "move on to the next level. 
  • The mom says she draws the line at lace. "There's a hard line between pretty and sexy and it's hard when we're talking about underwear to know where that difference is."
Here's the story:

And the GMA link:

Tell me what you think! I'm dying to hear.
Oh, and there's one more thing.

Did I mention that the mom is a blogger?


Anonymous said...

See? I have no problem with this. My question is simple. Who is going to see this under on her? Other girls in the locker room? Or is she going to parade in her underwear for all to see?

The age of innocence is dying. I feel that parents who are shielding their kids from what other kids are going to teach them is a bit naive.

I say she is preparing her daughter correctly and throwing ideas on sexuality out there allowing the child to ask questions. She drew the line on the lacy stuff and I think that's right.

Kara Keenan said...

I wouldn't take my 10 year old child to Victoria's Secret for underwear. Mostly because I'm too cheap to buy Victoria's Secret even for myself. You can get cute, appropriate underwear at any store, you don't need to buy into the brand name brainwashing. My 10 year old likes booty short style underwear, and I'm happy to buy those for her.

MarkD60 said...

I wish I could find underwear with cartoons on them.
I thought Pink was the line from that singer who sang that song "Get the Party Started"
The only thing fucked up about this is that it is on the internet. Imagine if your mom made the newspapers because of the store she bought your underwear at.

Bill Stankus said...

An alternate spelliing of inappropriate is D U M B. Of course the people at Pampers are probably now working on designer diapers with colorful lace for girls and manly camo for boys.

the walking man said...

I didn't even know what the PINK embroidered on almost ever female ass was about until a couple of months ago.

Define ugly underwear for me?

If she wanted her kid to be fashionable in the locker room I thought boys boxers was the it thing?

But what the hell do I know all my kids are commando's.

Cora said...

When I was 12 there was a girl in my school gym locker room who wore Playboy brand bikini underwear. I was still wearing Smurf briefs for crying out loud!

Her underwear used to make me wonder what her mom was like, because there was NO WAY that my mom would have bought me Playboy underwear and there was also NO WAY that I would have ever had the stupidity to ask her for them unless I felt like getting smacked.

I reasoned that her mom must be a stripper. That seemed to be the only logical explanation at the time for putting a girl who hadn't even started having her period yet in super sexy underwear.