Tuesday, March 19, 2013

23 Years In The Making

I got so very excited yesterday when I heard the news.

After 23 years to the day, the FBI announced a big break in the mysterious Gardner Art Heist. The Isabella Stuart Gardner museum, robbed by two men dressed as Boston cops on a dark and drizzly night, March 18th, 1990, has remained one of the greatest mysteries and one of the biggest art heist ever. The 13 works of art, valued at $500 million dollars, are today considered to be the most valuable works of art in the world.

What the FBI has announced is this:

  • They know who did it. BUT, the statute of limitations has run out.
  • They know that the 13 priceless works of art were sent to Connecticut and then Pennsylvania, and then offered up for sale in Philly. 
  • That an "East Coast Crime Organization" orchestrated the heist and then tried to sell them off.
  • They say they do not know where the precious works are now and they are appealing to the public for information by offering a $5 million dollar reward for their safe return.
What's really exciting is that the works, once theorized to be long destroyed, are now believed to be in good condition. According to Ulrich Bosser, author of "The Gardner Heist: The True Story Of World's Largest Unsolved Art Theft"  (which I read and HIGHLY recommend)

"What’s really exciting is that the FBI says, with a high degree of confidence, that they believe that the works were offered up for sale,” Boser added. “A lot of people have speculated over the years that the works have been destroyed.”

I, for one am intrigued and waiting with baited breath for the outcome which I hope to be the precious works returned to their rightful home.

So I can go see them for myself.

These developments are exciting indeed, but remember when I told you I read the book "The Gardner Heist"?  I learned one of the reasons "crime organizations" or criminals steal valuable art other than money is for use in negotiation to mitigate punishment for other heinous crimes they committed.

Sounds to me like Whitey is singing like a bird in jail.


MarkD60 said...

Paint a painting.
Steal it.
Wait several years.
The painting is now worth more because it was stolen.

Scope said...

I like your idea there.

the walking man said...

Whitey will never get out of jail but he may be singing for "better accommodations."

I never thought the paintings would have been destroyed but always thought they had been stolen "on demand" for a price paid by a private collector.

Anonymous said...