Thursday, November 29, 2012

Useless Tidbits

  • So there were two Powerball winners, one in Arizona and one in Missouri. Some people have all the luck. I'll just keep telling myself that 500 million dollars would have screwed my life up anyway. Right?

  • I was watching the XFactor last night and I have decided that Britney Spears is either dumb as rocks or on some serious drugs. The chick is seriously off, like really off. Sad. 

  • Seriously disgusted by this story. Quick recap: Young couple from New Hampshire allegedly beat and burned the young girl's 3 year old son so badly that the doctors feared he was blinded. About a week ago they dropped the child off at a local hospital and took off. The child is fighting between surgeries, and expected to make a long recovery. The authorities found them yesterday in, get this: Universal Studios in Orlando. 5 Words: (and they aren't nice words) HUNG. UP. BY. THE. BALLS.

  • Frick told me something interesting when she was home this weekend. She, being a freshman in college, just got to see her old high school friends for the first time this school year over the weekend. She told me that quite a few of them started smoking. I found this interesting because my theory is this: these kids live a sheltered life. Even though they do a hell of a lot more than I think they do, they've probably never been exposed to many smokers. What do you think?


Scope said...

I seriously can't believe that kids these days would start smoking. With all the information out there, and with so many of them so health conscious, I don't get it.

I think it should be legal to throat punch a smoker who claims to be a vegan.

Happy Mommy said...

I think this generation of kids (born 1990 - today) is VERY sheltered. Our generation had latchkey kids who could cook omelettes by age 10. Before us Swiss Army knives were an acceptable Christmas present for kids who were 8. And before them kids were working in mines. I think it has had a negative impact on our abilities as adults, and I am constantly frustrated by it.

@Scope - Are there animal products in cigarettes? Because, as far as I can tell, being a vegan is a political thing, not a health thing. So why do you feel that you can't be vegan and smoke?

Heff said...

Scope - Fire up a Marlboro and pass the lettuce, please, LMAO !!!

the walking man said...

I guess it's good that either A) I am not a vegan or B) Scope and I do not live near each other. My kids grew up with smokers and none of them smoke and they all eat red meat. I don't and I am healthy enough for someone who has been sliced 17 times and to be honest after 13 years of retirement and 50+ years of smoking I advise anyone who asks to not start but here I see many many many kids under 18 and up smoking. We don't generally shelter or kids here. We are still living like we have a blue collar place. when all we really have is a stressed mess.

Oh yeah last blood work three months ago everything is fine with an LDL of 34 and an HDL of 37. And I am diabetic.

Hung up by the balls...nope put them in a room with nothing but pictures of her burned daughter and no music other than Christmas music, life no parole. How old were these two idiots.

Powerball money...There was a guy won a few million last year he did not cash the ticket in until 11 dys before it expired. To me that was wisdom in action. That couple got their plan all set, got used to the ide and then grabbed the cash. I know if I had that kind of $$$ I'd pay all my kids bills in full then I'd be somewhere out of here to a place where no one knew me or wanted to know me and no one who did know me knew where i was at.