Friday, November 30, 2012

Jewels Of Style

I'm no different than any other girly girl. I'm not going to deny that I get all giddy at the site of some blingy bling bling. And by blingy bling bling, you know what I mean. That special sparkly arm candy, those 5 finger favorites and a neck dripping with a girl's best friend.  Yes, I am attracted to and distracted by sparkly beauty.

Since I opened the new Candy Bar, I have been selling my special kind of blingy favorites exactly like the ones pictured above and I find myself amazed at the response to these gorgeous beauties. Women LOVE them and these moderately priced bracelets are flying out the door. Now, the fact that women love them isn't what surprises me. Of course they love them. (sparkle) What surprises me is that many of my customers, who report to never wearing jewelry that "isn't real" are snapping them up and squealing with delight. These are women who have gorgeous, custom designed jewelry with precious gems who obviously have great taste.

They love them because not only are they "real", they are fun! Made from precious stone beads like moonstone, agate, lapis and polished coral, beaded alongside Swarovski crystals in white, black, rose and champagne gold these little gems make a nice statement stacked up on the arm of a lady. It has become a sport here, matching and pairing these babies together to create one's own personal style.

My clients tell me their new little jewels of style make them happy! Which makes me happy, and you all know that when mama is happy so is everyone else. And fellas? A little bling under the tree this year isn't a bad idea. Very Me bracelets can be found at The Candy Bar, and the smiles they produce can be found for years to come.


MarkD60 said...

Always looking for good gift ideas...
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SkylersDad said...

Wishing you great success with your shop!

Cora said...

I don't usually wear jewelry, but I have to admit those are pretty dang cute!