Thursday, September 13, 2012

Through Egg Colored Glasses

Listen, I OWN up to my shi*. If I make a mistake I will tell you I made a mistake, ask for forgiveness and move on. Even and especially if I made a mistake, and I will do my best to rectify the situation.

But this one left me with egg on my face and it wasn't my mistake. I was duped. Oprah didn't guest host GMA..She was on for a mere 10 minutes at most, and she was in New Orleans?. What gives here? Now I'm thinking, where did I hear that Oprah was guest hosting today? I must have heard it on GMA,  where else?  I then think, "am I loosing it?" A quick internet search pulls up:

 "Jessica Simpson, 32, was the first special guest host to replace Robin ...Some of the guests include Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric, Oprah Winfrey, and Kelly Ripa. ... All in all, Jessica fitted right in with the "GMA"crew. Oprah Winfrey and the Kardashian sisters will co-host on Thursday, September 13, 2012."

I think they even advertised and teased Oprah as a co-host today. So not me-THEM- have egg on their face. Whatever...just wanted to set the record straight.

Did you hear about the bank robbers in California who threw their heist of cash out a car window during a high speed pursuit by police yesterday?

The thieves allegedly threw the cash into the streets in a filed bid to block the roads with people. Hundreds of onlookers flooded the streets and started picking up the money in a frenzy. The 90 minute police chase came to an abrupt halt when a truck blocked the stolen car's path and police and onlookers swarmed the stopped get away car. Police had a difficult time controlling the crowd, but managed to detain the suspects.

Can you imagine walking down the street and seeing a car speeding dangerously down the road with a ton of money flying out the window?

 I'm thinking after the initial shock, I would too, be grabbing the cash and stuffing it into my pockets as quickly as possible. Thankyouverymuch...

The question is, would you feel guilty for taking the money? I would probably worry that the cops were going to find me and tell me I have to pay it all back and then I would worry that the money was all bad luck karma and think that it brought me bad omens and  bad luck. But that's just me.

What would you feel, bloggers?


Anonymous said...

I noticed you didn't give the "go to" place of stuffing the money that big brestesis women do, in the bra. I suppose with those cannons you tote around, stuffing MORE shit into the over the shoulder boulder holder is a no go.

Heff said...

Wait, Wait, Wait....EVERYBODY is misinformed here.

That was ORAH'S LIMO, doling out cash to the poor masses on her way to the show !

I hope the police have a change of heart and release her drivers....

the walking man said...

What the hell more can be said than Bama and Heff?

Just that if it happened in my neighborhood there would literally be people shooting to get at the cash.

Yeah I'd loot up with Bank of America cash it was mine once anyway. And no found money is not bad karma...bad karma is the dumbass who admitted to clipping a twenty on the national news.

Scope said...

I would probably have turned the money in. Especially anything more than like $20. Catholic upbrining. Guilt is a bitch.