Friday, September 14, 2012

Fabulous And Freaky Friday

Hey bloggers!!! Happy Freaky Friday and a very happy kick off to the weekend.

Let's  check in with our WallyWorld Freaky Friends and see what they've been up to. Shall we?

So I'm posting this today, because this seems to be a theme for me lately. I was at a restaurant in the city last night and I got a phone call from Frack. I stepped outside to take the call and I witnessed a scene very similar to this walking down the street. The difference being, the one I saw was more than likely a crack whore because she was very skinny and barefoot, crack exposed, walking down the street. Maybe this one is the head of her crack whores, because that beeper makes her look really important. Don't ya think?

This picture does not bode well for the President in his bid for re-election. Seriously, is the economy this bad?? With the  unemployment rate at 8.1 percent, people are opting to have their summer vacation in the parking lot of the local WalMart. Not good at all..

Oh, well...
All I will say is that snake skin leggings were SO last season.

Hee hee. Is this hilarious? It looks to me like he may be seeking the attention of a pharmacist because he may be experiencing an erection that lasts four or more hours. "Damn them little blue pills."

Somebody needs to take away this guy's little blue pills. Really?

Sorry, but this one one my favorite. I think it's happy and I would swear it's smiling at me. It might have even winked, but I can't be sure.

And finally, I can hardly believe my eyes here. Talk about a fashion Armageddon!! This one hurts my eyes. Hey, I'm all for the freedom of fashion, but this takes it just a bit too far.

Have a great weekend bloggers and try to keep it covered up. You know, leave a little to the imagination..



SkylersDad said...

OMG, the smiling pants will haunt me in my nightmares!

the walking man said...

WHY CANDACE WHY for the love of all that is holy stop!

Not really I am glad to see what I am missing.

Heff said...

Would the smiling pants be considered a "REVERSE CAMEL-TOE" ?

Dr Zibbs said...

I always wonder when I look at these people, "what do THEY think looks ridiculous on someone?"

R. Jacob said...

I think the one with the beeper was for the noise it made when she was backing up!