Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Blow Me One Last Kiss.

Dang, she's hot.

Seriously, I was watching her perform on the Today Show this morning and I was just thinking about how sexy and hot Pink is. She's hot in so many ways than being just hot too.

I mean first, she's a Rock Star. Crazy talented, edgy and just crazy-f-ed up enough to produce some real genius. Pink rocks it hard and from her music you get the feeling that in her short 33 years on this planet she's lived a lot of life. She doesn't lip sync her live performances because she changes up her spot on raspy vocals with some amazing harmonies which are unique to each show. Her songs usually have her trademark profanities laced within the lyrics but Pink gladly deletes them for more viewer friendly venues like Rockefeller Plaza. All signs that the once hard-core rocker has softened.

Now she's a mom. And clear, sober and happy are the words Pink uses to describe her life today. Reunited with her husband Corey Hart after a brief separation, she's got a beautiful little girl and she's just released a new album that drops today entitled, "The Truth About Love."

Then there's the whole 'she doesn't even know she's beautiful' thing. Pink, the same girl that sang, "Tired of being compared to damn Britney Spears/ She's so pretty. That just ain't me." in her hit "Don't Let Me Get Me", just signed a contract with Cover Girl. Not pretty? She's now a Cover Girl spokesmodel.Take that Britney Spears.

I just love her spirit. She's sexy, beautiful, young, rich, and taking the world by storm once again. If the secret to success in the industry is reinvention (see Madonna) Pink has proved a solid player by just being good.... and true to herself. Pink always "Get's the Party Started" leaving us to "Raise our Glass" and when it's all said and done she reminds us that no one, least of all her, is."F*****ng Perfect".


Anonymous said...

I'd hit it. I can't stand her really. Please don't say she's a "rock" star, she's a pop star, hopefully soon be flushed out of the bottom of the industry and please us with milf porn, of which she will be flushed out the bottom of as well. XOXO

Heff said...

As far as Pop Stars go, I guess "STINK"'s alright. I'd rather see somebody perform LIVE and f*** up than lipsynch any day, but apparently, Pink STILL isn't very smart, because she could have made TWO SONGS out of that title, and doubled her money :


Dr Zibbs said...

Great picture but I'm not crazy about her. She seems dirty. And not in the good way. I mean in the PU way.

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