Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm Powerless

I woke up Sunday morning thinking this whole storm was a bust.

I didn't see any serious weather outside my window, really.

Anything that looked treacherous. "What a bust!" I announced and sort of chuckled at myself and the weathermen who were documenting every second of Hurricane Irene.

That was three days ago and I should have known better because I have been without power for three days since.

I have to be grateful, really. No one is hurt. Everyone is ok, we have food and we have money to buy food and each other to keep company. Half of the town I live in has power and half does not. My little store has power and Internet today and I'm back to work.


I've never experienced this for this long before. If you'll indulge my selfish whims for a moment:

Things I'm freaking out over:

  • No TV. You know I'm having withdrawal. Three days and counting.

  • Cold showers. Are you kidding me? No, just no.

  • No Air Conditioning. No Internet. And did I mention NO TV?

  • It's fine during the day, but when the lights go out all bets are off. Candlelight begins to become less romantic.

  • We have a generator, but it's keeping some food cold in the garage refrigerator and our sump pump working in the basement. We plugged in phone chargers and a lamp but nothing major. I'm actually JEALOUS of my friends who have power.

  • I feel completely discombobulated and disconnected from my life. You begin to question how dependent we are on the modern conveniences of electricity. If this is a test I FAILED.

I'm off tonite to a hotel. Screw this.

Last I heard, power will be restored by Saturday.


B.E. Earl said...

Same boat, different state. Sucks.

Scope said...

Growing up on a farm that was actually the last house on the power line, one summer we were out of power for a week.

But try this. No electricity means no power to the well. No showers at all. And the flush toilet...

Good thing there was an old hand pump that you could pump a bucket of water to use to flush the toilet after you were done. And since this was the early 80's, just strain the water coming out of the pump with a piece of linen, and it's like a Britta filter, right?

I'm with you though, I would be at a hotel, too. At least for a night to get some good sleep and a hot shower. (And I might take the rest of the household, too, if they've been good! :-) )

sybil law said...

Been there once for 5 days and I nearly lost my friging MIND.
Hope your power's back on soon!! Glad you're all safe, though! xo

the walking man said...

Went without power for a week here in big bad ol' Motown...it was the first time some of these people had ever seen more than ten stars in the sky. Trust me if every type of generation shut down for ever you would adapt. Squirrel by the way when roasted over a set of coals doesn't taste like chicken, more like lamb.

Heff said...

During Hurricane Ivan, Heff lost power for 3 days.


...and 3 words - GAS WATER HEATER.

Anonymous said...

OK..so this is what peeves the Joker. Just a few questions because I am sort of that mood. And, nothing against you Candy because you are just the poor victim in all of this. But for any of the higher thinkers reading your blog I want to ask...

How many times has a powerful storm kicked the power out in your area?

And what innovations to the grid have been made to prevent that from happening in future storms?

Yeah, I thought so..I say, that for every day without power than anyone goes through, the power company should pay you back for the inconvenience.....

the walking man said...

Joker...in Detroit few people know it but more than 24 hours will give you a $50 credit on your bill. Not for every day without but for that month. They just don't advertise it.

Oh by the by a portable or even a diesel fired generator ain't a bad idea if you know how to hook them in so you don't kill a line man. I have a 38kw, which powers roughly half of the house.