Tuesday, August 23, 2011

And So It Begins...

So, as most of you already know, Frick is going to be a senior when school starts next week. A joyous time in one's resume of life. Or so it should be, but what we are learning fast is that the next few moths will be from hell.

You see, Frick has to start the college application process and it ain't going to be a cake walk. Now a days the process is so arduous and long that it has left us both feeling like Mr. Blutarsky up there. There is so much to this whole college thing and then Frick's circumstances become even more time consuming because she is applying to be a theater major. That means that not only does she have to apply to each school, she also has to audition for each school.

Can you say Valium?

If that's not bad enough, there are the standardized tests. For you laymen, that is what is commonly known as the SAT and now-a-days the ACT. You can send either one score or the other, possibly both, or your best score of the two. Then there's the tutors. Frick is now on her second round of SAT tutoring, because the first round, (which cost over 2 GRAND) didn't go so well. Highway robbery. Of course there's a separate tutor for the ACT test and a college coach to aid you with the application process. This all spells out $$MONEY$$ and we aren't even talking tuition yet.

But I want to give my daughter every opportunity to achieve her dreams, and if I can do so then I consider it my responsibility. I worry that both her and my expectations are high and that disappointment could follow. Lucky for us, we are both optimistic and capable and whatever will be, will be. It will not be from lack of effort. You see Frick is an excellent student with an excellent work ethic and I would not be putting all of us through this if she wasn't the type of kid that will do well and be able to handle it.

So yeah, I'm working today to help my baby girl get everything she need to BEGIN the process, and yeah, I took the day off.

Is it five o'clock yet? I've got a glass of wine with my name written all over it.


SkylersDad said...

best of luck to frick and to you also!

sybil law said...

She's gonna do great!
But drink that wine, anyway. :)

the walking man said...

Reminds me of when my son was accepted to West Point over 24,000 other candidates and decided to stay here instead, hahahaha.

Good luck Frick and follow your dream that's how they become reality.

Scope said...

I hear Northwestern has a great theater program. (Hint)

With a girl who is going to be a freshman in a week, I need/don't need to hear these kind of stories! :-)

Anonymous said...

Ha! College....I majored in Pub. Had a straight 4.0 GPA in it too!