Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Freak Show

Hey Bloggers! It's Freaky Friday over here at The Daily Dandy and not just because today's parade of WalMart Crazzees are extra Freaky! No it's a freaky weather watch for these here parts, and it's wreaking havoc with my anniversary weekend.

In any case, today's edition of the Friday Freak Show makes me wonder, "What the hell is wrong with these people?"

Feast your eyes on these:

Do you think Trixie here is a working girl trying to save a buck shopping at WalMart? Or is she just working?

I can see no other reason for her to be giving out free know what I'm saying?

Hee hee...I just can't help but think closet freaky man here is kinda cute. I'm sorry. There no doubt he's living out some secret, deviant fantasy with this outfit. Judging from the tan lines on his knees, I would guess that he spends most of his days wearing board shorts trying to convince the free world that he is a normal hetero-sexual.

This is just too REDONK for words. I keep trying, but I have none. What?

This is just too cool. gotta get off the pipe. This sh*t is chronic, and I don't know whether to feel bad for her or to smack her upside her head. And don't even tell me sister is gonna get in that vehicle and drive....

Oh, no she didn't...

For the love of God, these jeans should have been tossed YEARS ago. Hell, they are right on target for complete and total disintegration in the year 2013.


No. Just no.

Oh God, this woman should be arrested for child endangerment. You teach your children this crap and you put them in danger of getting the pulp beaten out of them by haters. ESPECIALLY if they live in middle America.

Really? What is wrong with these people?

Happy Friday Bloggers. Have a wonderful weekend and stay out of any local WalMarts.

If only for your sanity.


Anonymous said...

All women in said pics.....Heff would hit.

Heff said...


(But # 1 ? YES PLEASE !!!)

sybil law said...

Heff is a sick, sick bastard!!!

Scope said...

Love the cars

the walking man said...

Quit lying Heff---you'd tap 'em all especially the one with the love van all ready.