Thursday, July 21, 2011

This Here Is Some Bullsh*t

I flippin mad right now.

So I'm blogging away on my husband's brandy new laptop this morning. I move my cursor down to the right hand icon corner to check the network status and this window pops up that tells me I need to run a virus scan. Remembering that my husband once told me that when that stuff pops up, always run the scans because that's why you have that shit on your computer. You know, the virus protection.

I click to run the scan and minimize the window so I can continue on about my business. I'm blogging about the stupid shit I always blog about; the shit I watch on TV and this ANNOYING window keeps popping up telling me that the scan has detected 25 threats and I must run the software now or risk infecting the computer. Ok, so I click run the fricken thing and leave me alone cuz I'm busy, and this new window pops up telling me to add my credit card and for $69.99 I can get protection.

Now mama didn't raise no fool, so I immediately click out of this shit and click the "continue on without protection NOT RECOMMENDED" and now I can't get the pop up to stop trying to get my credit card number. I'm usually patient soul, but I'm seeing that I can't save the work on blogger and now I can open a new window in anything. No MSN, no Internet Explorer no nuthing but this F-ING window that keeps popping up, trying to get my credit card number or my computer is gonna blow up.

I then tried to log on and off the computer about 10 times but I still couldn't shake that F-ING pop up warning. After About 40 minutes of this back and forth window bullshit I'm thinking I really screwed something up so I better just give my credit card number so I can get on with my life. Just before I do this, I decide to call my husband and ask him what kind of spyware he has and why it has expired when this is a new computer. Thank God I did this because he told me about the scam that it is.

Bottom line...WTF WAS THAT? Now my hubby has to fix this mess, which he can, but it's going to take some work. And I already wasted 2 hours on this crap today.

Am I an idiot? Don't answer that. Now I'm blogging on my iPad and wondering why this shit never happens on Apple products. No wonder their stock was looking good yesterday. My next laptop will probably be a Mac.

Tomorrow I'm telling a joke that my mother told at dinner last night that literally almost made me choke on my dinner.
I think I can handle that on the iPad.


Heff said...


Apple is trying to rule the world !

They're PROBABLY the ones programming all the viruses for PC !

Btw - what you have there IS A VIRUS.

and in closing, there are only stars in my sh*t after I eat Lucky Charms.

Good Luck with the LapTop.

Anonymous said...

Fixing it is easy hun...Just do a systems restore to a date last week. Download a copy of Malwarebytes and run it. It will get rid of any Virus or Malware that you have on your system. If you need further help, just email me at and I will be more than happy to help.

B.E. Earl said...

Happened to me as well. And Joker_SATX's suggestion is correct. That's how you fix it.

It's one of those nuisance viruses. Doesn't destroy anything, but it's annoying to fix.

sybil law said...

That is exactly what I had - only I didn't click on anything, and it still wouldn't shut down! Thankfully, our friend was able to retrieve all my shit. GAH.
Soooooo effing frustrating!

BeckEye said...

There's a program called Malwarebytes that's really good at detecting and removing spyware. Also, those spyware/virus scan pages pop up all the time. The hackers have gotten really good at making those popups look legit. So the important thing is to always know exactly which program is installed on your computer. For instance, I know mine is AVG so if any other name appears on those "scan computer now" popups, I know it's not coming from my system.

Usually, if something weird happens and I don't know how to fix it, I just google the problem and I can usually find a forum of friendly nerds who have all the answers! is a pretty good resource for that kind of stuff.

Scope said...

My recent frustration is that if my system has been up for a few hours, I can't use Chrome without getting the "Aw Snap!" blue screen.

Seriously thinking of backing everything up and reinstalling the OS. But I don't want to spend 3 months getting it all set back up.

Furtheron said...

We had that one get onto my daughters PC - whole day to fix... GRRRR!!!!

I don't agree with slavishly buying Apple just for the brand but... at least it is a proper Operating System something Windows after 30 years still aspires to be...

Answer - well I still boringly buy Windows it just is easier for working with others but... buy cheap machine, stick on Linux and Open Office... job done!

Thomas (Tom) Rimington said...

Candy: My partner's laptop/pc had the same problem. He also clicks "Update now" way too often... If you haven't already fixed it, see my blogpost:

Good Luck

Tom said...

I hate that kind of stuff. I feel your pain. I've also got crap on my computer that re-directs me every time I click on a google search so I have to try everything twice. Don't even get me started on those annoying nosiy pop ups with loud audio.