Wednesday, July 20, 2011

That Dastardly Cellulite

I'm talking smack today about cellulite because quite frankly, it sucks. That photo above is of the lovely Eva Longoria, and yes ladies, even Eva has cellulite. And with the summer upon us, we want to get our groove on and show some sexy skin, but that dastardly cellulite always foils the plan. It seems to me there is an epidemic of dimply, lumpy thighs and butts out there and no matter how you eat or how you exercise, the cellulite creeps up on you and gets a hold of your body.

So what the hell is this stuff and how do we deal with it? The first thing to know is that we all have it, even super fit and slim celebs. The degrees are varying and believe it or not, it's not always about fat. It's true that cellulite is fat deposits that cause dimpling on the skin, especially evident in the hips and buttocks area, but it has more to do with the cellular structure of the skin. According to, " It is the structure of the overlying skin and of the underlying connective tissue that determines whether a given area has a smooth or rippled appearance."

Well, isn't that just great? It's a genetic thing.

Ok, so I'll admit that when I google celebrity cellulite all these pics come up with celebs like this, and this, it makes me feel better knowing that these women have cellulite too. I would have showed them here, but you really need to see a BIG picture to get the full effect of the cellulite. Yes, celebrities are human too.

Some days I feel like I work so hard and eat right and yet, I still can't seem to rid my body of cellulite and other days I decide I'm gonna eat that pizza and embrace my dimples and I just say screw it! It is what it is but one thing's for sure, we all have it somewhere. So in the sinking lifeboat that is cellulite, even Kim Kardashian and Pamela Anderson are right there, going down with us.

So remember that the next time you look at someone and think they are perfect. Somewhere, photo shopped out or hidden by some good lighting, is that dastardly cellulite. Of that we can be certain.


Furtheron said...

you know - I really don't worry about it much ;-)

sybil law said...

They're ALL photoshopped.
I am mostly of the "fuck it" mindset, but I'm lazy that way. :)

Jim said...

Life's way too short to worry about everything we put into our mouths.

Besides, the whoopie pie/fried clam/lobster/DC Cupcake food group in the food pyramid wouldn't exist, if we did.


Scope said...

It's not cellulite, it's like the dimpling on a basketball that helps provide a little bit of grip on that bottom sheet.

the walking man said...

I wonder what Heff has to say about personally I think sybil made the perfect comment.

elise said...

One of my friends photoshops celebs. Its great when i get depressed and he says things like "you want to see some before and after pics?"

Celebs are human and they have cellulite and blemishes just like everyone else. :D