Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Xtina's Big Screw Up

So this is it, the Super gaffe that everyone is talking about.

Really? This is what everyone is talking about?

Yes, she sang the wrong words. Yes, she screwed up our National Anthem on what would be considered the biggest stage in the world, on one of our favorite national pastime's big day. OK, so she screwed up our Anthem by singing the wrong verse, but it's not as bad as I thought it was, considering all the negative press she's been getting for it.

I missed this live, you see, because I was hosting a small party. While I was mixing drinks for my guests, making sure the cocktail napkins were lined up and the ice in every one's drink was tinkling, Xtina was singing the National Anthem on the big screen at my house. Christina Aguilera sang for the masses and no one said a word about her mistake.

Not one of my guests. Not one of the kids. No one claimed it ruined their evening nor hindered the enjoyment of the game. I didn't even hear about it until the next day, when it was all over the Internet. The way she was lambasted in the press for her performance, I figured she really screwed up, embarrassed herself and made a spectacle of our Nation's anthem. Then I saw it.

You judge for yourself, but I'm not judging her. What is this? American Idol?
She sang the wrong words....but she sang on like the professional that she is. If I wasn't paying attention, I may have never known, really. She kept right on going and finished strong. And now Joan Rivers finds it ok to lambaste her for her weight, because she sang the wrong verse??

What has this world come to?? We know that personally, Christina is going through a rough divorce and has been reportedly distraught. She may even be making some questionable choices by imbibimg a bit too much and gaining some weight. And she made an error singing the most sacred of songs on the most sacred of days.

It's not like she flashed her nipple for the world to see.

She sang the wrong verse. Big. Fricken. Deal. Shit happens and it happened to Christina during an emotionally tough time in her life.It's not like she even made it known, and fumbled the words, and made awkward sounds and walked off the stage. I think that would be a big screw up. She made a mistake but she kept right on going. A minor blip and I think I can cut her some slack here.

What do you think bloggers?


Scope said...

Personally, I thought it was simply a matter of "Style over Substance" again. She was to caught up in doing her little vocal runs and singing fancy that she lost track of where she was in the song.

It's a problem that plagues most of society, so I don't really blame her for Mickey Mousing around.

Joanie said...

I thought her singing was awful, wrong words or not. Why can't these professional singers just sing it the way they learned it when they were in school?

You didn't ask, but she looked awful too.

Cora said...

I noticed the mistake when she was singing, but I just figured she was nervous or something and I went on with my life. I bet I would have messed up too.

As for her "weight", WTF???? I think she looks fabulous, honestly.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Scope-Riiight?? She should have played it straight and she might not have got lost. The Mickey Mouse reference was not lost on me.

Joanie- refer to my comment to Scope. And I agree that this is not her finest moment. We have both been where she is, though. Divorce sucks any way you slice it.

Cora-She kept going, at least. Click on Joan Rivers name in my story and read what she said about Christina. Shame on her, Joan. I like Joan, but she can be brutal.

SkylersDad said...

Sorry, she committed two big offenses in my book. Getting it wrong (It's the national anthem and she could have pre-recorded it like 99%of people do anyway) and worse, she made it all about her.

BeckEye said...

I agree with Scope. If she hadn't been trying to throw 5,000 runs in there, she probably wouldn't have screwed up. The girl has a great voice, but I can't stand listening to her because she does that shit all the time.

As for her weight, I don't care.

As for her divorce, I don't know how broken up she is about it. I had to write a few articles for Celeb Love on her and, in most of them, it appears that she either cheated on her husband or just got bored and initiated the split. And apparently (and you never know how wrong the tabloids are sometimes), she invited her new bf to live with her in her house but Jordan had been refusing to move out, so she was living there with her soon-to-be ex husband, their son and her new man until Jordan finally decided to leave.

I can't really find a lot of sympathy for the girl. I hate the way she used to talk like a perky little valley girl and then suddenly she developed a Latina accent. Also, she doesn't strike me as a nice person. She grew up in Pittsburgh (went to the same high school my niece now goes to) and anyone who knew her at all has nothing pleasant to say about her. It could be jealousy, it could be bullshit...but when all the stories you hear are essentially the same, they're not hard to believe.

Of course, none of that has anything to do with her singing of the national anthem, which I think would have been terrible even if she shit rainbows and farted puppies.

sybil law said...

I don't necessarily care that she screwed up the words - what I care is that she tried to showboat her fricking voice, like so many people do, instead of just singing the song! It would've SOUNDED a whole lot better if she'd just sung it straight - but God knows, you gotta go up and down and stretch vowels to the ends of the Earth to prove you're a professional. And it sucked.

the walking man said...

I slept through it all for the 45th year in a row so I have no opinion other than if that is the most sacred of songs on the most sacred of days...we really are as screwed up as the rest of the world thinks we are.

You do know it is the only national anthem in the world that glorifies war right?

Heff said...

I was too busy Proudly Hailing her rack to notice that she screwed up.

Shana said...

I agree with you!!

Joker_SATX said...

Christina can sing the wrong words to any song to me any time!

Oh, I so love that woman! And her pipes!