Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fat Bottomed Girls Got Game

Forget all about today's play-by-play recap of last night's episode of Glee, (which I LOVED) I wanna talk about Fat Bottomed Girls and more important, Lauren Zizes.

Where did this superstar come from?? Lauren Zizes, is a member of the wrestling team at McKinnley high and President of the AV club when Puck offers her "seven minutes of heaven" in the closet if she will join the glee club. Tonite we got to see that super confident in who you are makes you more desirable and that Fat Bottomed Girls got game. She rocked Puck's world in the closet, when she found out that Puck is all talk, there bye putting her in the driver's seat in this cat and mouse game. Now Puck wants more and she's making him beg. And loving every minute of it.

Complete with electric guitar, Puckerman tries to woo his new woman with a rousting rendition of, "Fat Bottomed Girls". Although Lauren looks to be touched by Puck's expression of love songs, she lets him know that song selection is key and that song made her "feel like crap". She then proceeds to torture Puck for the entire episode, standing him up and making him beg for more. My favorite line of the night, "I'm not desperate, so if you really want this, you best come correct, because I spell woman ZIZES. And I need to be wooed," She's my new hero. A great example of what can be when you believe in who you are. AND that it took a ring pop for her Puckerman to finally win her over. These two are going to be good fun.

Quinn and Finn decide to see if the spark they had been feeling in Sunday's episode could be a flame, but they disappointingly turn into cheaters. Quinn is cheating on Sam and they both know it. Or shall I say they all know it? Because Santana figures it out and drops some lethal mono she picked up in the nurses office from a sick kid. Santana is apparently immune to the sickness as she said, "I've had mono so may times it's turned into stereo" and she kisses Finn in his kissing booth, as to effectively spread the germs and prove her theory about him and Quinn.

Then there's Rachel. Rachel pays for a kiss from Finn at the kissing booth, but gets one on the cheek instead. Finn then gives her a gift he bought her for Christmas, a star necklace, and lovingly tells her to follow her dreams, without a man. He tells her she needs to shine like the star that she is. Rachel later asks a delirious with mono Finn if he felt anything when he kissed Quinn. "Fireworks", was his reply, and we get a great cover by Rachel of Katy Perry's "Firework". Who couldn't see that one coming? Predictable but great, nonetheless.

As for Kurt and The Warblers, I have to give my Download of the Week honors to "Silly Love Songs", by Blaine and The Warblers. Crisp and bright, this cover of the Wings classic played out to the evening's close at Breadsticks where the Glee clubbers, minus Quinn and Finn, were in attendance. A perfect ending to this great Valentines episode. And If you didn't see it coming, Santana and Sam catch a knowing glance at each other, which can only signal trouble.

Fat Bottomed Girl or not, last night's episode got game.


Jim said...

Immune to mono? I still don't get that part . . . maybe another reader with medical training can clear that up for us. She totally ROCKED the naughty Candy-Striper outfit, though. Boys, if you're not watching this show, the girl's outfits are reason enough to start . . . just saying.

Also still don't understand why the Asian girl broke down during her song.

"Fat Bottom Girls" . . . my first Glee song download ever. Awesome.

As was the fight in the hallway . . . "Poppin Fresh," lol.


sybil law said...

Thanks to Facebook, I know what happens on a show I don't watch. People trip over themselves to throw "Glee" stuff on there!

Heff said...

I'd hit it.

They make the Rockin' world go 'round.

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Anonymous said...

I love layren she is hilarious i love any episode featuring her