Friday, February 4, 2011

Week In Review

So let's recap the week here in sunny Massassachusetts.

Monday, clear and cold.
About 24 inches of snow on the ground from a month of huge snow storms.

Tuesday, snow. ALL DAY. 7 inches of accumulation.
Schools close early.

Wednesday, snow ALL DAY, which turns to sleet and freezing rain.
8 inches of accumulation of snow and ice which coats the ridiculously already snow covered ground. Two day total: 13-15 inches depending upon your location.
No School.

Thursday, light snow but no one really talks about it because at this point it's not really news.
1 inch or 2 of accumulation over the ice that has already accumulated from the day before.
Lots of schools closed due to pending dangers of roofs collapsing.

Friday, clear, frigid temps.
Still more school closings from roof dangers.

Saturday, MORE SNOW.
4-8 inches predicted.


Blow it out your AS*!

Have a snow-less weekend bloggers!


Scope said...

Lucky our snow was only on top of about an inch that was on the ground, so it was all new. Other than the idiots who ignored the warnings and got stuck on the Lake Shore Drive after accidents stalled traffic, not much to see here.

There wasn't a time when I couldn't have gotten a bus in front of my house. Within a maximum of 18 hours after the snow had stopped, my side street was clear. We're supposed to get a little more over the weekend. Fine.

I can see March in front of me, so I know we've got only about a month of this left.

Word ver = dissaper Is that what you want the snow to do?

sybil law said...

I can see how that would suck.
Still I'm jealous.

BeckEye said...

I'm so over winter.

Pittsburgh Public Schools have a two-hour delay on Monday. Not because of weather, though. Because of drunk parents who won't be able to get up to get their kids ready because of the Super Bowl.

Oh oh, my word ver is "bombus." Call Keanu Reeves!

PorkStar said...

It's been the same thing in NY. Getting some more of that this weekend. Sucks. Enjoy your weekend.

Cora said...

What Scope said. Spring is just around the corner. Hallelujah!

My wv: "mating." I'm not sure what that has to do with this post, but, hell, it'll keep you warm, right? ;-)

SkylersDad said...

We are way down from our normal snow total here in Denver, but they are getting killed in the mountains. Which is just fine!

Anonymous said...

Having been born in Alaska....come onnnnnn!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't even watch the weather forecast anymore. Just tell me when it's NOT going to snow. In NYC, the first snowfall is beautiful...then is lingers until April.

A few days after the first snowfall, it all turns to black mounds of muck, splattered with yellow dog pee.

I've said it once, and I'll say it's incredible how something so cumbersome reveals so much about who we are.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to take my dogs for a walk.