Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday:Take 2

Dear Grilled Cheezus:
I want to do a re-do of today. Instead of blogging about the spiritual episode that was inspired by your face on a grilled cheese sandwich, like I was supposed to, I ended up spending an entire day in the hospital after what I thought was going to be an early morning follow up appointment with my doctor. AND I am still in one piece.
You know what Grilled Cheezus, I want to do an entire week re-do, because this has to be one of the worst weeks of my life. But I'm sick of me being sick of sick, ok? I want this crap to end almost as badly as Finn want to touch Rachel's boobies.
After the week I have had the sight of a doctor is enough to turn me into a screaming, insulting Sue Sylvester. The one that doesn't believe in God, not the soft one who loves her special needs sister like I normally am. I believe in you Grilled Cheezus. I know that the medical events of the past week must somehow be a test of my faith in you. Yet, I still choose to believe. Because I believe that I'm at the finish line and today's developments were just a test of my strength. And I'm strong.
Did I pass Grilled Cheezus?? Can I go back to normal now? I promise I will NEVER go to an emergency room and not use the hand sanitizer. Swear. And I promise to do everything I'm told so that I feel better soon. I'll even go to church like Kurt AND wear a fabulous hat, Grilled Cheezus. I'll even make more of your fabulous grilled cheese sandwiches in my (how brilliant) George Foreman grill!
And I promise, Grilled Cheesus, I won't even eat you.
You gotta promise to make this all go away. OK?
We got a deal?


RW said...

yikes. When a person prays to cheese, Houston, etc...

Cora said...

Holy swiss and cheddar! Your doc sent you to the hospital? Yeesh. Yeah, I'd want a do-over too.

Here's hoping it's all over soon.

Heff said...

I have better luck praying to Mother Mary Toast.

Scope said...

The George Foreman is great for grilled cheese makin'.

However, if you're going to do a quesadilla, call it a "Jorge Foreman".

sybil law said...

Mmmm... don't forget the cheese fondu...
(So are you better?!)

Scott Oglesby said...

Sorry you’ve been sick, I have too. I’ve had something on and off for 3 weeks, I think. Maybe we should both start praying to Nyquil….? The only problem is that they don’t make it over here. But I can still pray!