Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oh, The Horror

I must admit, here and now......

I have never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I know. You're shocked. Someone as well read, sophisticated and cutting edge as myself, (insert chuckle here) having never experienced the cult classic, Rocky Horror Picture Show. But I have not, so I was more than looking forward to the Glee interpretation of the show.

Slightly disappointed and majorly confused is how I felt about Rocky Horror after last night's Glee episode. What last night was really about had more to do with Emma and Mr Shuester and less about Rocky Horror.

I don't live under a rock, so I have seen a few bits and pieces of the show here and there and I have seen images from the original. I will say that the Glee casting was great and that more than a couple of the musical numbers were entertaining. The shows open had me mesmerized. Those lips....Was that Quinn? I'm thinking the lips belonged to Quinn (Diana Argon) so anyone else want to venture a guess here, be my guest.

Rachel and Finn were cast in the lead roles of Janet Weiss and Brad Majors and the casting of the rest of the show scattered among the Glee club aside, Emma's new boyfriend Carl, (John Stamos) as Eddie, decked out from head to toe in leather singing was NOT a complete waste of my time, to say the least. "Whatever Happened to Saturday Night", was performed to perfection with the rest of the Glee club joining in, left me thinking it's no wonder Will is worried about Emma and Carl. These two have chemistry, and Will is beginning to feel that Carl is "winning" by making Emma a better person. She even left the crusts on her sandwich. Shocking.

Sam, cast in the part of Rocky, is a complete no brainer and he wins the award for the best one liners of the night; describing his shirtless, gold mini-shorts costume as "abulous" and the classic, "Can I get some longer shorts? I'm afraid I'm going to show some 'nuttage'." Sue is up to no good, planning an expose of the show for TV. The idea was piched to her by Meatloaf and Barry Bostwick, in a nod to the original cast members of the movie. The basis of the expose is that the show's content is far too racy for high school, but Shue won't admit to anyone, including himself that he is pushing the limits for Emma.

Shue decides that maybe the show is a little too risque, and that Sam seemed out of his comfort zone, so he tells Emma that he will now be playing Rocky and that he needs her to rehearse 'Touch-a Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me'. She agrees and needless to say it's quite steamy and
Emma and Shue almost kiss....
*note to producers: Matthew Morrison is a HOT hunk of man...If you are going to flash us that ABULOUS body of his, please...wax the hair from his chest. thank you.*

Finn, freaking out about having to do a scene in his underwear, decides that he's going to walk through the halls of McKinnley High wearing nothing but boxer shorts to try and embrace his sexy-ness. He almost gets suspended. And can someone please tell me when Finn is going to haul off and punch out one of those bulling football jocks, who are always giving him shit about being in Glee club? I'd REALLY like to see that happen soon, considering he's about 3 or four inches taller and could take both of them in a fight, I'm sure...just saying.

In the end, after Mr. Shue finds out about Sue's TV expose, Mr. Shue realizes that he is putting the school, the kids and his reputation on the line for Emma. He tells her he is canceling the show and admits that he only did it to get closer to her. He drops the classic and cheesey, "If I really love you I need to back off and accept the fact that, at least for now, being with him is the best thing for you."

And I am left with burnt toast.
Maybe I'll take it with me when I go to a REAL showing of the movie. I think I need to do it and soon, otherwise I'll loose my theater geek credentials.

I'll leave you with this, which was my download choice of the night and a song even I have heard before. Not bad for a bunch of misfits....which is really what the Rocky Horror Picture show is really all about.


Heff said...


Horrible memories from my youth flooding my brain !!!

I'm Gleefully getting the hell out of here !!

BeckEye said...

I love Glee and I love Rocky Horror...well, the songs, anyway. The movie (when not seen in a theater with audience participation) is pretty stupid. But I was really looking forward to this episode and was left a little disappointed as well. I've never been a huge John Stamos fan, but he really did win the night with his number. My other issue was with what should have been the best song, "Time Warp." I don't know why they decided to have Quinn duet with Kurt. I normally like her and think she has a decent voice, but the song didn't suit her at all. It was like she was trying to be all baby-doll-Madonna when the song called for a more sultry, growly sound. Santana already had the Magenta suit on, so why didn't she get to sing that part? It would have sounded much better.

It was fun to have Barry Bostwick and Meat Loaf there, but I can't believe they didn't ask Tim Curry to appear in some way. But that's OK, he appears in my dreams every night. I have some pretty freaky dreams.

BeckEye said...

Also, I know we're supposed to look over some of the plot holes, but I found Will's decision to play Rocky just so he could get closer to Emma really out of character for him. It's like the writers are making him an immature, lovesick ass. His reasoning that he should play Rocky because the role was too risque for a high school student to play was ridonk. Wouldn't it be all kinds of wrong for a teacher to prance around in tiny gold shorts for the entire student body? Not to mention that Rachel as Janet would have had to sing "Touch-a Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me" to him. CREEEEEPY.

sybil law said...

Since I still don't watch Glee, I can only assume it sucked. :)

The original Rocky Horror Picture Show, now that, I've seen. It was extremely cool to me. When I was younger.

Scott Oglesby said...

Believe it or not I’ve never seen it either. Maybe after I move back to the states and am visiting friends up north, we should catch a show?

Chris@Knucklehead! said...

I've seen both, and I have to say that Glee is fairly lame.

No offense intended.