Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Glee Free

No Glee recap today, cuz I know how much you people love my Glee recaps. I will say I did watch last night's episode and I LOVED it! So if anyone wants to Gleek out, feel free to drop a comment and we'll discuss. Today I thought I'd discuss the latest news out of Hollywood, about the break up of the marriages of Courtney Cox Arquette and David Arquette and Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman. Needless to say I wasn't shocked as much about the break-ups as I was about who it was that was breaking up.

I'm aware that being married in Hollywood is not at all conducive to a long and happy wedded life. It's a fact. But in the course of tabloid publishing, reading and reporting, I'll bet that these two couples somehow looked like they had the staying power. Let's take Courtney and David. When she married him 11 years ago, during the height of her "Freinds" fame, the world watched and scratched their heads, wondering what she saw in the "goofy, childish" Arquette. I, myself, never thought it would last, nor did I really care, but during those 11 years, the spin on the Arquette's was nothing but positive, loving and fun, both seemingly bringing success into their union. I began to root for them and when they had their daughter, Coco, it looked like their family was intact.

I should have known better. I, of all people, should know that nothing is really ever as it seems. If mis-matched Courtney and David can't make it work, who can? In today's paper, it is being reported that David spoke to Shock Jock Howard Stern yesterday and admitted that the break-up was all his fault. He alleges that he and his wife had not had sex for a month before they separated, so Courtney gave him the go-ahead to "do whatever you have to do". Huh??

So he went and had sex with some famous, celebrity "hanger-on" skank, who has a complete resume on all the celebs she has slept with. Nice move David. I'm sure Coco will be so proud when she looks back on the publicity surrounding her parents break-up. No wonder Courtney, David told Stern, told him, "I don't want to be your mother anymore." Sad truth there.

What about Christina and Jordan? Bratman, who got beat down with the ugly stick more than once (sorry) and his sexy, hot, siren wife Christina Aguilera announced their split yesterday after 5 years of marriage. What the heck?? They looked so much in love. They welcomed their first son a few years ago, appeared publicly together with just the proper amount of PDA and even spoke of their "naked Sundays", where they stayed at home on Sundays all day sans clothing. Hey, whatever works for you. Curiously, they announced that this is a trial separation, and that they may reconcile at some point in the future.

Talk about pressure. Now here's a young couple who I though had it together. You know she didn't marry him for his looks, money or fame, so one could assume that he floated her boat intellectually and physically, but add in the fame factor and any Hollywood marriage is starting out in the negative side of a statistic. Why is this? Who's next? For all that people want to criticize Brad and Angelina for not being married, I have to give them credit. They have six children together and feel no pressure to get married. They have committed themselves to their children and each other and admit that not all days are sunshine and roses. Maybe they have it figured out.

Maybe not. Maybe they will be the next announcement. The world has been waiting for that shoe to drop for a long time. And you know bad news always comes in threes.


RW said...

I love it how the "stars" are all "oh I couldn't live like normal people, it's SUCH a cliche," and then they end up a cliche.

Strange little universe we have.

Heff said...


Ah, it feels like I'm running around naked !!!

and speaking of running around naked, you wouldn't happen to have Aguilera's physical address, would you ?

Jim said...

Rachel and Finn's song . . . why so offensive?

The sex-with-wheelchair-kid scene . . . a little much, for an 8PM show . . . like Finn getting to 2nd base with Rachel last week, after praying to Grilled Cheesus. Good thing my 11-yr-old hadn't finished her homework yet.

Quinn . . . Lord forgive me, I can't get enough of Quinn. Singing Mraz/Collet's "Lucky" with bleach-blonde Bieber look-a-like . . . get rid of him, and just zoom in on Quinn, please. Followed closely by Santana's dancing in "River Deep, Mountain High." [deep, smitten, mid-life crisis man sigh :-) ]

That being said, do these women not have any other clothing besides their cheer outfits? I'm not complaining, mind you, it's just odd. Quinn wore hers to Breadsticks, for pete's sake. And look in the background, when they're in their little Glee studio, or when someone is walking down a hallway . . . there must be 400 cheerleaders at that school.

I don't really [cough] watch it . . . I just happen to have [cough] seen these various scenes . . . and thought I'd share.


Joanie M said...

I always thought Courtney and David were an odd couple. I think I"m never surprised any more when celebrity marriages break up.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Ummm..I had goosebumps during "Don't go Breaking my heart" and the other song..We all said the same thing. Was it the priest/young girl angle?? We didn't get it either.

Ummm, what about Brittnay and Santanna making out in the beginning??? And I announced to all that Brittnay was a predator.. for sure. I agree, too much for prime time.

Before My Guy asked me to be his wife, I asked Crystal to sing "Lucky" at my wedding, if I were to ever have one. imagine my delight when they sang my song so beautifully,.That is safely ensconsed on my iPod already.
Bieber looks alot more like a sober Macaulley Culkin and LOL!!! I commented on the Cheerios outfits when she was at Breadsticks. That is carrying the symbolism a bit too far, ya think?

Funny how the head cheerleader who got knocked up and gave birth then gave up her illegitimate child to adoption gets to teach us a lesson in virtue for the sacred first date.

Loved Kurt and Rachel's duet. I'm just an old theatre gLeek at heart <3

sybil law said...

I think Christina is pretty gross, actually - but she does have a voice, I'll give her that much.
Always sad to see couples break up. You always hope that just ONE couple could survive.

Scott Oglesby said...

I think Hollywood is just a microcosm of America, the world really. They just have more money and better coke. And they are usually, but not always, more attractive.