Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Showbiz Is A Fickle Bitch

Bet you though we'd be in Hollywood by now??? Nah, I couldn't blog yesterday because I went to the store early and had no Internet all. day. long. I wish we were in Hollywood by now but our experience was nothing short of disappointing at best.

There's Frick outside the BIG audition Tuesday.

So we set out Monday morning on our big adventure with no expectations. We spent the evening before the audition with our friend and her daughter, in West New York, New Jersey, working on Frick's audition song. Frick had a bad cold, from the plane home from Europe, of course, but she was not going to let that deter her. After a neti pot to clear her blocked nasal passages, she was feeling good. AND in showbiz, no one cares about your excuses. There are no excuses. You put up and you shut up.

So at 6:30 in the morning we drove over to the Izod Center in Secaucus, New Jersey. We were greeted my the masses of people waiting outside to get in for their shot at the big time.

See the line up at the top of the picture? The line went all the way around the building. The producers were outside filming spots for the show, with the crowd screaming, "I'm the next American Idol". We checked in at the Check In Tent and were ushered into the line you see here for the Disney Dream Ticket winners, then we were ushered right into the arena. No waiting. They weren't kidding when they said Dream Ticket winners didn't have to wait.

When we got inside we sat right there at the bottom of the picture, where the aluminum rails are in the front row and waited for instructions. The only people who were closer than us were handicapped, and they were right on the floor. As the stadium filled up, the producers brought out resident douche bag Constantine Morulis, Season 6 finalist. He, being from New Jersey, was the best they could muster up and he came out and pumped up the crowd and sang a little.

Horrible picture, sorry but that's him receiving a high five from the producer. This guy was lapping up this particular 15 minutes of fame. Then Ryan came out. Oh, Mr Seacrest. I swear this guy is the Wizard of Oz because I could have swore I heard him on the radio on my way over. Anyway, Ryan came out and told us that this was a "record" crowd and he then shot some spots for the show with the audience.

Again, horrid shots, but you can see that's Seacrest with the mike. He wouldn't stop moving around, so from the distance I was at it was hard to get a good shot. When Ryan was done they brought out tables and what I compare to voting curtains to separate them and began the audition process. Two producers sat at each table and there were about six tables. They called the Dream ticket winners to come down first, and as I told you, we didn't wait AT ALL. Frick was in a line with a bunch of other dream ticket winners and they told us that if they made it past the first round, they would be exiting to the "Bud Light" exit and moving on to the next round. If they didn't make it, it was the end of the road and they would be returning to their seat, with their red audition bracelet cut off.

The top pic is Frick looking a bit nervous just before she had to get into line. The second is of the line forming to audition and the third is Frick in the line. Looks like she made a friend.

You can't see tiny baby girl, but she is right behind the guy in the blue shirt. They broke up the people in the line into groups of 4 people, who would audition together. Believe it or not, Frick's group was in the first booth and they were the VERY FIRST group of the day to audition.

Again, you can't see my baby, but she's there, I swear! They happened to be right in front of me so I could hear the audition. All four of them sounded great, especially the blonde in the white shirt, but sadly none of them made it through.

That's them exiting the booth and then there's Frick, after they cut off her bracelet.

And that was it....We were out of there by 9:15am. We had to laugh, really, cuz it took us longer to get there than the whole audition process. We both agreed it would have sucked a lot worse if we had waited all day, then she been cut. We also wondered if being the first audition of the day put the group at a disadvantage?

In any case, we laughed all the way home and chalked it up to one heck of an experience.

As for you bloggers, I couldn't exactly leave empty handed without something for you guys, now could I?? I managed to catch a few of the freaks we saw just for you.

Yup, I wonder if any of them will get face time when the show comes round.
Frick was fine. She handled the whole thing in stride and I'm really proud of her. It was something to remember, if nothing else.


The Vegetable Assassin said...

She's also young and has many other chances to try out should she wish. Let's face it, there's a LOT of competition at those things too. It's the luck of the day really. Good luck to her for the future though! :)

The Dental Maven said...

What an incredibly cool experience and how amazing that Frick handled it with such aplomb! You GO GIRL!

sybil law said...

I think it's awesome that she had the nerve to even try!!

On a completely unrelated sidenote, your page almost never loads correctly for me - is it just me?!

Heff said...

A good experience nonetheless.

Hey, isn't the Izod Center where they make all the shitty dress shirts ?

And to add to sybil's comment - YEAH - something's goofed up with your page, Candy. The background color isn't loading for me. Hasn't for about a week, and there appears to be some sort of Photobucket error also.

Chris@Knucklehead! said...

I always wondered how they narrowed the field from the bazillions who show up at the arenas. I'll bet Frick is a lot better than some of the folks we'll see on TV.

Go figure.

Mrs. Hall said...

i'm sad for her though. even if it meant nothing, there still was a dream there. hugs and hugs.

better luck next time kid!

Scott Oglesby said...

Aww God bless her cotton socks. The best thing for her to take from this is at least she gave it a shot and had a fantastic time in the process. How many people want to do things their whole lives and never even try?

Seriously, does anyone not get sick on an intercontinental flight?

Furtheron said...

she came, she sang... she left... however it shouldn't dampen her dream the best way to get anywhere is to do it for yourself :-)

Cora said...

She'll get 'em next year!

Anonymous said...

Great experience for sure. And it ain't the only game in town.