Friday, August 20, 2010

The Right Stuff

So the countdown to the BIG DAY stands at 8, as of today.

8 days.

Today is my final fitting on my wedding gown. I am soooo happy to have lost close to 21 lbs this year so I can look FLY in my gown.

I did it by working out hard and abstaining from sugar.

That's right, no way.

I shudder to think about what the stress of planning a wedding could have done to my body.

I could have completely gone the other way.

.....on a steady diet of cookies and cream puffs.....

God, forgive me.........just saying.

Have a great weekend bloggers!


The Dental Maven said...

8 DAYS!!!! Next Saturday???? WOW!! Can't wait for the pictures, Candy. Enjoy the week leading up to your big day!

Scope said...

My advice? Relax. Drink pleny of water. Enjoy the day. And don't be afraid to grab your own camn damera and start shooting, too. Their your memories.

Jim said...

Maybe those shorts are supposed to be pulling it all in . . . helping her look "hawt," lol. Do they have to be nearly see-through? Talk about TMI . . .

My advice is to be sure to EAT during your own reception. We were so busy talking to guests and dancing that we barely ate any of the good food we'd shelled out for.

I've made up for that in the years since ;-) . . .

[p.s. --- still waiting on that other advice I told you I'd get for you]

the walking man said...

I am still waiting on the "what am I going to say" stuff.

The dress will fit just fine or the seams will rip straight and true. either way the dress is a done deal Candace.

Cora said...

Drink water like you are a fish!! Apparently, it's really common for brides to get dehydrated and, trust me, no good comes from that.

Trust me.

sybil law said...

That picture is not nice! Ugh!! :)

But 8 days?! Holy crap!! That's awesome - and congrats on the weight loss. You're gonna look gorgeous. Are you going to post a picture or two?!

Heff said...


- (Hey, just kiddin' this time !)

"Sugarless Candy"

Go figure.

the walking man said...

Heff you would and you know you would, though you wouldn't let the boys in the band know or they would write q song about it. Holding Heff's Heifer, would be an appropriate title

Anonymous said...

YOU had to lose 21 lbs? Where did you lose it - your big toe? You look fit to me.

Anyway congratulations! And you must post the wedding pix!

Scott Oglesby said...

Wow, you are in the wedding week now! I'll bet you're so excited!

Furtheron said...

Just been through all the wedding stuff with my brother - it'll all go well like his did.

Like the new backdrop now you've fixed that :-)

katrocket said...

Wow! I didn't realize the Big Day was so soon! Looking forward to seeing the photos (I hope you'll post at least one of you lookin' all FLY.)

sending my best wishes to you and the future Mr. Candy!