Thursday, August 26, 2010

2 Days And Counting

The excitement is building.

The out of town guests are arriving daily.

The task list keeps getting bigger and longer.

The suitcases are lovingly organized and packed.

The weather is clearing up.

The ceremony has been written.

Minor details are the order of today.

Got to squeeze in a work out.

Got to blog.

Got to stop and take it all in.

Got to remember, this is the fun part.

Just breathe.

It will all be over before I know it, got to enjoy it all.

Second time's a charm, right? Or is that the third? Oh well, I hope I never have to find out about thirds.

There's something so right about this time. Maybe because I'm older and I'm smarter. Maybe because I look and feel better. Maybe because my kids will be beside me because we are all getting married.

Maybe, just maybe, because he's the right one.


Scope said...

While I didn't take the short trip down the aisle as a youth, taking it as a real adult, it was awesome.

Simple words of advice that you don't need:

- Drink plenty of water.

- Eat at your reception

- Keep your camera handy. It's your day, and they are YOUR MEMORIES.

- Enjoy. While unloading 99% of Cora's earthly belonging on Saturday, we will stop for a minute @ 5:00 and toast the two of you.

Jim said...

And wear really cool underwear for . . . you know . . . later.

All best wishes to you both, and for your new life together as a family.


Cora said...

You Wonder Woman, you! Finding time to blog before your wedding?! Color me impressed, Candy! :-)

Heff said...

Yeah, what Jim said. Garter belt and shit. Use the camera, lol !

BeckEye said...

Exciting! Best of luck to both of you.

SkylersDad said...

best wishes and stop every now and then and just look around during the festivities. My wedding was a blur, and I really wish I could have appreciated it.

Furtheron said...

Good luck... it will all be just perfect - don't worry. :-)

sybil law said...

LOVE it!
Don't forget to just BE. It's YOUR day, too!

Joker_SATX said...

If I don't get a chance later, I want to personally wish you a big round of congrats and welcome back to the Asylum!

Mrs. Hall said...



Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

That's great! Congrats!!

Scott Oglesby said...

just wanted to wish you good luck and all the blessings in the world. Just in case this is the last time before you're taken!