Wednesday, August 18, 2010

From The Musings Of My Mind

Hemingway I'm not and chances are I'll probably never be, but if there were a time when I needed to call upon the great literary artist's soul, it was never more than now.

I awoke this morning at 4:45am filled with worry.

I have to write my ENTIRE wedding ceremony. More accurately, I have to SCRIPT my entire wedding ceremony, down to the very last second and I just gotta ask myself, HOW THE HECK DID I GET ROPED INTO THAT ONE???

I know how. The second the JP who will be performing the ceremony said,
"I don't really say much of anything other than ,'do you take this person'. So if you want the ceremony to be longer than three minutes, you have to write it yourself."
Oh yeah, Candy, you're a writer, you can do it. Script it? No problem. All those years of sports journalism copy you have written for broadcast?? It should be a piece of cake. What the hell was I thinking?? Writing a script for TV is one thing. Scripting the most important moment of your life is another thing entirely.

So here I am staring at a blank page, my writer's credentials never more paltry than now.

Have any of you done this before? What the hell am I going to do?

I tried brainstorming, the usual catalyst to the floodgates of my mind spewing forth but the best I can come up with is a theme; Love and Family. I have a template for the all-important "do you take" stuff, but everything else I write seems sophomoric and cliche. And I'm all about wow-ing the audience with my glittering prose, just not so much in this case. Cuz it's important and it has to be meaningful.

I need your help bloggers.
Chances are I'm not going to get voted off this wedding script island, so since I'm out here alone I need some inspiration. I'm confident I can handle the personal details but I need some direction, and I want it to be memorable.

Any ideas??


Mrs. Hall said...


you love him and are so thankful he came into your life. and the kids like him (maybe even love him). and you promise to take care of him for the rest of your lives, to be his everything, to be his wife.

JUST LAY IT OUT THERE, LOCK STOCK AN BARREL. don't get all thee and thou just open your heart and don't hold anything back.

because it's not rocket science. it's you telling him how you feel.


the walking man said...

Every good speech starts with a joke. Make him laugh and you will have your "audience" in the palm of your hand. I would suggest a sex joke but then it's your wedding not mine.

Mrs. Hall said...

I obviously didn't read the whole post before I got all bossy but . . .

here a couple of links with wedding scripts on them. I say use these a template and costumize to your liking . . .


I stand behind my original comment about the vows, keep it simple and let it all out!

Heff said...

Relax & have a BEER, Ain't nothin' wrong with a 3 minute ceremony. The MEN will appreciate that actually, lol !

sybil law said...

That would send me into a complete spiral of panic, too. The thought of it makes me squeamish, in fact! I feel your pain, Candy!
I would say, hmmm.. speak. very. slowly.
And from the heart.

(I know - my advice sucks. Sorry!)

Will said...

Forget a script, hire a singer to belt out a few tunes then cue the music and get everyone dancing.

Scope said...

Whatever the words are, he won't remember until he watches the video. Not because he's a guy, but everything else in the world will be merely background chatter as his only focus is on you.

That's how mine was.

But if you want to crib us for inspiration: