Thursday, January 8, 2009

Today's Special: A Birthday Tribute: Top Ten Reasons Why I Think Elvis Is Still Alive and Posing As Dr. Zibbs In The Bloggersphere.

As some of you may already know, today is Zibsy's birthday. A national holiday in the bloggersphere, no doubt, but today is also Elvis Aaron Presley's birthday. As my personal tribute to my blogger friend, I decided to start up the firepit and "roast a Yak!" as they say! This led me to begin thinking about the possibility of The King still being alive and well and living in West Chester, PA.

Here are my Top Ten Reasons why this is entirely possible:

10. Dr Zibbs' blog is anonymous. Surely Elvis couldn't reveal himself to to be alive to his millions of adoring fans. Heck, he staged his death on the toilet of Graceland and everything. Who else but Zibsy could come up with that sort of "bathroom humor" brilliance spin to put on his death??

9. Ever true to his roots-Zibsy gives us a clue to his real persona in the title of his award winning blog, "That Blue Yak". He chose something blue and fuzzy and made it iconic as opposed to his alter ego's "Blue Suede Shoes" which he grew tired of people stepping on.

8. *Elvis would have been 74 today which seems about right. Some of Zibsy's jokes are about that old.

7. It is a well documented fact that Elvis' favorite food was fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Since his "staged" death, technology has improved greatly and TV and the internet have become a haven for foodies to flock to. I imagine Dr. Zibbs spends his days happily trolling the internet and watching TV, looking for obscure recipes for his house girl Eva to whip up for him.

6. Where else would Elvis go into hiding but into the city where cheesesteak reigns supreme? Wasn't there a supposed Elvis siting recently at the Westtown Butcher Shop and Deli in Chester County??

5. Elvis is worth more dead than alive. Upon his "staged" death in 1977 he was said to have close to 5 million in the bank. In 2004, 27 years after his death, Forbes Magazine listed him as the richest deceased person, his empire totaling $45 million. How else do you think his alter ego, Dr. Zibbs, can afford to sponsor "Blogger Pillow Fights" at the Marriot in PA.

4. Nana Zibbs is a dead ringer for Elvis' beloved mother Gladys Presley. In the bloggershpere, Zibbs keeps Gladys' memory alive through Nana.

3. Elvis and/or Zibbs still have the mojo with the ladies to get PYT'S (pretty young things) to send them naked pictures of themselves and their panites and finger condoms and all kinds of stuff. PIMPS in every sense of the word. That's riiight.

2. Both known as simply "The King". Elvis will always be "The King of Rock and Roll" while Dr. Zibbs enjoys the undisputed title of "The King of the Bloggersphere".

And the Number One Reason Why I Think Elvis Is Still Alive And Posing As Dr. Zibbs In The Bloggersphere:

1. In the bloggersphere there will never be a need to make the announcement, "Dr. Zibbs has left the building......"

Happy Birthday Zibsy! Have yourself as many peanut butter and banana sandwiches as you want!

*Zibsy-you know this was all done with love..Your jokes are really funny. I was just kidding.


Dr Zibbs said...

Thanks Candy. Well done!!

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Kind of makes my Elvis/Zibbs comparison post paltry. Thanks. Jerk.

B.E. Earl said...

Zelvis? ;)

Heff said...

That's fine with me if Dr. Zibbs is Elvis, As long as he doesn't attempt a comeback, lmao !

LegalMist said...

hehehehehe.... good one!

interesting word verification: jokoa

Cora said...

BRILLIANT!!!! You are onto something here. Why is he so annonymous? What's he hiding? I think you're right - Elvis lives!

Col said...

I have always wanted to eat one of those Fried peanut butter sandwiches but whenever I mention it my darling wife gives me the evil eye. I know she's right. Maybe old EP needed somebody to just say no every once in a while eh? Good informative post.

Vodka Mom said...

you rocked the house.......