Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Bad Girls Club

Since I am stuck home convalescing, TV has become my best friend. Yesterday I caught a marathon on the Oxygen Network of the reality show, "The Bad Girls Club". Hee hee, this show sucks HARD, but I LOVE IT!! This is the most perfect, mindless, ridiculous garbage I think I have ever seen on TV. Perfect for the horizontal state I am stuck in. The show is described on the web site as:

Bad just got good on Oxygen with the third season of the hit reality series from the producers of The Real World. This season takes bad behavior to the next level with a cast of young women who are independent, spirited, and endlessly entertaining.
Bad Girls Club brings seven self-proclaimed "bad girls" together in a beautiful Los Angeles mansion, and drama reigns supreme. All the girls, ranging in age from 21 to 25, have a unique story, point of view and attitude -- as well as some kind of personal issue that makes them far from perfect. Will living together help them move forward and turn their lives around -- or will chaos rule?

Did I hear that right?? THIRD SEASON? Damn, what kind of Bad Girl's antics have I been missing?

The common denominator with these girls is big attitude, and the producers are betting on it. The whole point of the show is to throw these "bad girls" together and see what happens. They fight with each other (and any one else who looks thier way), name call, get naked, strip (in a strip club), have sex, get drunk, puke, pull hair and throw big, dangerous things at each other.

One of the seven girls, Whitney, is from Boston, a fact that she is most proud of. (can't say that I blame her) The producers, or should I say producaaah's, I'm sure, chose Whitney for her command of the regional vernacular. I literally cringe every time she utters a sentence in her "pissa" Boston accent. (we don't really sound like that- well, maybe if I were stuck in a room full of Whitney's-but I doubt it)
Check out this fight Whitney and Kayla have. These bi*ches mean bizness!

The show airs on Tuesday nights at 10 pm on the Oxygen Network. They have a website and their own blogs!! HA! As if being young, hot and despicable gave you your 15 minutes of fame. Oh wait, for these seven, it did!

Gotta go now...I recorded last night's NEW episode. Tiffany-the "sort of house" leader declares war on Kayla. This should be good!


Sass said...

As I laid on the couch last night recovering from my RIDICULOUS eye doctor appt., I got sucked in to this show.

Then my kids came upstairs and I had to shut it off. :(

I, too, could so easily become hooked.

Andy said...

And I thought I was the one watching garbage on TV. You have taken the cake. Keep us updated.

Heff said...

OMG. Donna watches Bad Girls Club RELIGIOUSLY. It's GOT to be the shittiest show on ALL of television.

I didn't mind it at first, but it's the SAME KRAP OVER AND OVER.

"Let's all go to a bar, act like the whores we are, and tease men. Oops ! Now we're too drunk ! Hey, what did you call me ?? I'm gonna kick your Aiss, Beeyotch!!" -(cat-fight ensues)

After awhile, you'll get tired of the same "reality plot" episode after episode.

-Heff has spoken.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I tried watching this once, but I didn't see enough nudity, and decided to turn it off. Also, my wife came home and wondered why the blinds were pulled and the lights were off and why I was wrapped in a blanket.

TishTash said...

21-25 isn't an age range so much as one bloated drunken episode.

For some of us at least.

B.E. Earl said...

This is an awful show.

I mean that in the best way. ;)

Slyde said...

did you catch my review of this show last month on my blog?

i have watched all 3 seasons... the show is a train wreck, but i cannot look away.

Check out last season if you can.. it was the shiznit.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

OMG Mjenks- thats twice today you have made me laugh out loud!! HAHAHAHA!..wiping away tears...I am saving that one for the Hall of Fame 09'

Sass-I read your post today. We can convalese together:)

And Andy-Heff just did the play by play on the Bad Girls Club. As far as I'm concerned, whenever Hef speaks, I listen:)

Hef-see, I told you I love Donna!

Slyde-I'm checking your archives for your review.

Earlsie-this one is so bad it's that good. kinda.

LYDIA said...


I was so excited when I saw your post was about this show. Josh and I started watching it over the Christmas holiday since nothing else was on television. I hate the girl with the really old boyfriend - she just causes drama. Then maybe Boston - This is not how we do it in Boston! I gotta go watch the new episode when I get home from work.

Sabrae Carter said...

Oh I've watched that show a few times in the past.. Not sure I would want to be one of those girls that hve to go home and face their families after looking like friggin idiots on TV.

Whiskeymarie said...

I applaud you for admitting this to us. I watch all sorts of crap, but I don't have Oxygen so I'll probably never see this one.

God bless America and reality TV.

Cora said...

I can tell already that I'd wanna smack any one of them. And THAT makes for GREAT television! Unfortunately, I don't have cable though. I know, I know, how little old lady of me! But I just refuse to pay for tv. Dammit, tv should be FREE!!!! American Idol starts up next week. *WHEEEE!* Are you a fan of that too? I can't wait! I can't wait! Although, admittedly, I can't see how they can possibly top last season's awesomeness. But maybe....

slopmaster said...

wow, this is the best marketing for any show I've ever heard, saddly, you wont catch me anywhere near the oxygen network. Not because of the network, but TV issues. I don't have one. Do they have an unrated version of this show? I might watch that though.

BeckEye said...

I can't possibly squeeze this into my already overfilled schedule of train wreck TV. You watch for me. :)