Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh, Say It Ain't So...

Are the rumors true??? Is this the end of My Tommy's carefree bachelor days?? Oh, say it ain't so...
It all depends on who you believe. According to People.com, Tommy proposed to Gisele over the weekend with a diamond solitaire . A source close to the couple confirms, "He asked and she accepted".
Ya think??
Then there's my bible, The Boston Herald's Inside Track, who won't believe the second report of an engagement in less than three weeks unless Gi is spotted "sporting bridal bling on her left ring finger". Word has it -get this- “The couple is discussing a huge fashionista event in the spring or a more intimate and quicker ceremony in Costa Rica, where Gisele has a home,” sources said.
Now don't get me wrong, I am happy for My Tommy if he is truly happy. I could care less if he marries Gisele or not. As long as he is suited up for the start of next season, proudly wearing his #12 uniform on the field of Gillette Stadium, in top physical shape, what he does in his spare time is of no concern to me.....I guess. Unless what he does in his spare time becomes a major distraction to the progress of his knee rehabilitation. And "a huge fashionista event" sounds disturbingly distracting. Come to think of it, ever since My Tommy met Gisele things have, shall we say, taken a turn for the worst. I'm sorry to say it Tommy, you know how I love you, but karma's a bitch.

Shall we recap quickly??
Tommy and Bridget Moynahan were in a three year relationship and enjoying the fruits of his three Superbowl championships, when in the fall 2006, the Boston Herald's Inside Track, did a story on Gisele while she was doing some PR work for Victoria Secret at Gillette Stadium during a Patriots game. She is famously quoted as saying to the Inside Track about Tommy:

"Tom Brady, definitely not too shabby. He's pretty cute. All-American, that's a good way to describe him." She denied that she would ever try to steal him away from Bridget, though. She said, "He's cute, but if he has a girlfriend, he's gay to me. There are too many men in the world to go after a man who has a woman. Life is too short."

Funny, because the next month, on December 14th, Tommy and Bridget publicly confirmed the end of their relationship. Then, on January 25th, 2007, Gi was spotted waiting for Tommy outside the Pats locker room at Gillette after a season ending playoff LOSS. Again-there's that karma thing, Tommy.
Then in February, 2007, Bridget dropped the big bombshell that she was indeed pregnant with Tommy's baby. It certianly didn't help the golden boy's image that at the time he was in Europe canoodling with Gisele for the cameras.
Now I concede, this may be all true gossip and garbage, but I really only care about the football facts. Fact is that My Tommy was always known for his superior work ethic when it came to football. It is a well documented fact that he was always the first one to pre-season training daily, honing his body, religiously working himself hard and reaping the benefits. There is a reward for coming to training camp early-the best parking spot in the stadium-which Tommy won easily year after year. His teammates and coaches were constantly quoted in the press, expressing their admiration of Tommy's work ethic and his ability to play and understand the game.
Then karma strikes...and what could have been, or still could be, one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game, hits a string of bad luck in his young career.
This coupled with last season's injury, reports of defection from Pat's doctors, infection to the franchise's knee, a complete NO SHOW on the sidelines of his team's games this season and all of us here at Tommy central are selling off our Tommy stock like we just got some serious inside information.
I don't like. I don't like it at all. I'm not blaming Gisele. My Tommy is a big boy and can make his own decisions. I just question the timing of a big wedding and his commitment to the team and the game. I just want My Old Tommy back, the one who was on the fast track to becoming one of the greatest QB's ever to play the game and I really don't care who he is married to. As long as the three of them, Tommy, his wife and football, can all live happily ever after.


Slyde said...

just so we're clear...

we're talking about Tommy Tune, right?

Heff said...

Career OVER !!!

B.E. Earl said...

I saw Brady and Giselle having an early dinner once at a spot in NYC. I wanted to tell him to get the hell out of my town, but he is bigger than me. So is she, by the way. Tall woman.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Slyde- Oh no! Has Tommy slipped that far into obscurity already??

Heff-Hold on-I just had to get up off the floor from the HEART ATTACK your comment gave me. No, way, I refuse to believe it! My Tommy won't go down without a fight.

Earl- Was Tommy carrying his "man purse" when you saw him? Cuz I liked him a hell of a lot better when he was carrying his "man purse" around as opposed to Gisele who now carrys around his BALLS in hers.

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Didn't I just see him with Madonna?


- Jennifer

Gwen said...

Is she the one who was on that MTV reality show early in her modeling career?

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Jennifer- Eww no. You're thinking of A-Rod. And again, eww no.

Gwen- No. Gi is she of international super model status, hottest woman in the world, ie: the body. Yeah that one.

Interesting...my word veri is "hotymi". I wish.

Alex Galvez said...

Once a star performer like him shacks up with a broad of her caliber it's over for his career. Look at SEAL, when was last great CD? How about the dude from The Cars...no mas CD's either! Models only mess up good male QB's and musicians!

~E said...

I think pretty people should stop marrying each other and give the rest of us a chance. Now, I don't really like the Patriots (don't get excited, I don't not like them either) but I gotta admit Tom Brady is a man hunk of superb caliber.

I don't like Giselle, or people who get away with being famous just for having good genes.

Scope said...

Two quotes:

Danny Vermin – "Johnny Dangerously" - Dames are put on this earth to weaken us, drain our energy, laugh at us when they see us naked.

Grumpy - "Snow White" - Angel, ha! She's a female! And all females is poison! They're full of wicked wiles!

Can two such esteemed philosophers be wrong on the subject? I mean, how did all that work out for Romo-o and Jessica-ette

BeckEye said...


Okay, I can't say anything that won't piss you off. :)