Friday, March 27, 2020

Dire Straights

Let's face it, things are becoming dire. 

During these desperate times its easy to fall into the black hole that is depression. The way I look at it we have a choice: fall into the black hole or step back and decide not to jump head first. How about we decide to take a deep breath and tap into all our strength and courage? Resiliency is needed, because we are all resilient and sometimes we surprise ourselves with what we are capable of. 

Me? The health and well being of my family is what keeps me going these days. That's what's important. So today, I'm going to tap into my resolve and enjoy the little things that make me happy. 

  • FaceTime chats with my friends and family make me happy. 
  • Group text messages with my entire extended family, sharing photos and checking in makes me happy. 
  • Family dinners, enjoyed together makes me happy. 
  • A cocktail after a stressful day makes me happy. Thank God for liquor.
  • The 2 shamrock plants that sit on my counter top that I bought for St. Patty's Day make me happy.  
  • A vigorous daily workout makes me happy. (but not while I am doing it)
  • All of those hilarious videos of "Corona Compilations" that talented, bored people are putting out make me happy. 
  • A hike in the woods and walking the dog make me happy.
  • Netflix makes me happy. 
  • The daily jokes my friend tells on Facebook makes me happy.
  • People that are home-making masks for the first responders who so desperately need them, even though some vigilantly say they they are not safe? Ask the professionals who sometimes have no other choice, their efforts make me happy. 
  • Even doing the laundry makes me happy and gives me a sense of purpose. 

We all need a sense of purpose. So hold on tight everyone! Stay home and stay healthy and pray for those who are the sickest and offer your support. It's all we can do. Be grateful if you are healthy and follow the guidelines to stay that way.
This too shall pass, God willing, and trust that the powers that be are trying to help us out of this mess the pandemic has created. 

It's a better choice than succumbing to dire straights.


the walking man said...

Mark Knoppfler would agree with you Candace---depression is no good when you can go digitally way on down south to London Town. Guitar George knows more than all the cords--he knows us.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

TWM-How are you my frend? Is your city becoming a hot spot? Stay home and stay safe.xoxo