Monday, February 9, 2015

Weighing My Options

So get this...
I'm on vacation in Florida with My Guy and my famliy when the winter that wouldn't quit just wouldn't quit. I was supposed to leave last Monday, but the last snow storm (just about 14") squashed my plans. Because we changed the flights the Saturday before, we were able to get out on Tuesday. Great, ok we planed to stay here in Florida for a week.

So here I am enjoying the nice weather when we hear about the next storm, Snow Storm Marcus- which is now hitting my region with a vengance. Now my flight home for Tuesday has been cancelled, and I'm not able to see any way out until Friday at the earliest. Hmmm, I find myself in a unique position that leaves me with a few options: 

-No children at home to worry about. No one to get back for besides our dog-who is in GREAT hands and our perspective businesses-which are in GREAT hands. 
-The weather here. I have been in flip flops all week and yesterday we enjoyed a beach day with gorgeous high temps. 
-Golf, fun, shopping and sun. Did I mention that flip flops are better than snow boots? 
-Family time. This extended stay gives me plenty of quality family time- the only ones missing are my kids and heck, they wouldn't have been here or at home anyway. This empty nest thing is turning out not too bad at all.
-With all this quality vacation time, I've decided to start watching "Breaking Bad". So glad I did.


I can't come up with any..

Both mine and My Guy's businesses are closed today due to snow and mine most likely will be closed tomorrow. Aside from a few commitments that I can reschedule, I think staying here is definitely in my best interest. This is certainly a unique position to be in indeed! 

It's kind of a no brainier don't you agree?


Scope said...

Don't go back until it all melts, aka JUNE!

the walking man said...

That's it Candace, way to make rubbing it in sound fabulous.