Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Different Strokes For Different Folks

It's a simple fact of life; we are all unique. 

We, as people, like different things and we have different tastes. It's when those differences go outside the realm of what is socially acceptable, that certain problems begin. And when those differences happen to someone with celebrity the problems become headline news. Bruce Jenner is headline news. It is now confirmed that since Jenner and his wife Kris separated last year, Jenner has been slowly transitioning into a woman. Jenner, the patriarch of the all-reality, all-the-time, "branded" family, The Kardashians, has been in the public spotlight for years. He has long been the butt of their jokes, ridicule and total disrespect on camera, so it was no surprise when Jenner and his wife divorced recently. 

What was surprising was Jenner's changing appearance. Despite the divorce, Jenner continued his supporting role on the family's reality show and during that time his hair grew longer and longer. Then he was photographed wearing nail polish and sporting lip gloss. Then a few months ago, Jenner had a laryngeal shave to minimize the appearance of his Adam's apple and the cat was out of the bag..

Bruce Jenner, a gold medal winning Olympic decathlete, buff and masculine father to 10 kids and 3 times married man suddenly reveals he wants to be a woman. It's a stunning admission for a guy whose life is so very public. The transgendered community today are enjoying a much bigger and brighter presence in the public, due to shows like "Orange is the New Black" and "Transparent", and now Bruce Jenner will reportedly get his own TV reality show to document his transition. If Jenner has been unhappy for all these years as reported, at 65 he no longer has to live a closeted life. 

It's not going to be easy, but whoose to say living all those years uncomfortable in your own skin was any easier? I know society will have issues with his transformation. Bruce was America's hero in the 70's. Our gold medal winning athlete that stood for everything sport and now we need to see him as a woman? But it's not up to society. It's up to Bruce Jenner and his family. 

What ever he decides to show the rest of the world is up to him too. And whomever decides to watch his journey. 


Kenneth Noisewater said...

I now want to see Bruce Jenner compete in the tranny decathlon if such a thing exists. It totally should. Who could possibly beat him in his age bracket? I'd hate to come across the tranny at his age that could best him in the dickless discus.

I just came up with this stuff. Is anyone writing this down?

the walking man said...

Why does his "family" have any say or even a right to an opinion. Bruce can live the rest of his days as whomever he wishes and the rest of the psycho, moronic, narcissistic clan won't even remember his name in 6 months.