Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Color Of Rosemary

So the people over at Julep Nail polish asked me to participate in a "fun blogging campaign" for Mother's Day.  The email, from the Community  Outreach Coordinator read as follows: 

"We’re asking great bloggers like you to participate by writing a post about which color best represents the members of your family. Whether you chose to write about your own mother or your children, we want to know what color represents each of them best in your eyes."

I'm thinking they are very smart to ask me because this topic represents two of my favorite things; my mother and beauty products. Inspired, I began thinking about this task all morning and I brainstormed to come up with the words for the color that best represents my mom. Her name is Rosemary. She is also known as Rose or Rosie so its only fitting that the color red comes to mind. 

Red is fiery and passionate like my mom. Those who know her best would describe her as a straight shooter, a pistol with a sharp mind and tongue and OH BOY does she know how to use it. Yes, red is definitely part of my moms personality, but when I got started brainstorming I found that there was so much more than red to the color of Rosemary. 

My mom is solid. My mom is elegant, physically beautiful, vibrant and funny. I'll add in a dash of the shocking things she sometimes says and the sparkle in her eyes. Suddenly there's a new color emerging. She's sweet but tart and loving and kind. Rich in many things, my mother, her colorful personality is what attracts us to her like the moth to the flame.  Her pride and joy are her 5children. "my five fingers" she says, "I can't function without my five fingers." Her loyalty is ever lasting which makes her dependable so The Color of Rosemary needs to be chip resistant and gorgeous. 

When I add all of that to the color red, I see a deep, rich, bold color emerging. A hot pink Fuschia like no other. A pink for the ages with a flat, but bold shine. 

Yes, The Color of Rosemary definitely stands out among the crowd. 


kimallaboutyou said...

I just love you SIsta! I just had a large comment that didn't seem to go through which bums me out because I thought it was quite good for an amateur.... So here goes again...
Candace "Candy" you are a dear dear friend of mine for As long as I have been a professional nail technician of 25 years....I would like to tell you the color that best represents you because you are a mother as well and heck, you deserve this... When I think of you "Candy" representing a nail color I think of your vibrance, your confidence, loyalty, inner and outer beauty, strength, uplifting and enthusiastic....this is what came up in my head before I looked up these characteristics in the psychology of color... And then I found you are ORANGE! Imagine that! I can truly say you represent our sisterhood of the Citrus Sista's ... A vibrant, warm orange! You and all my girls are the ORANGE of my life! Love you all and Happy Mother's Day!

Candy's daily Dandy said... just made my Mother's Day! Orange is OUR color! You words mean so very much to me. I love you xoxox citrus forever

MarkD60 said...

I'm just letting you know that I'm not commenting on this post. Too girly!