Thursday, May 8, 2014

On Love And Loss

It's come my attention lately that I have issues....

I know what you're thinking. Candy? Issues? Yes, (lol) Candy has issues. Shocker, right? Some of these I didn't realize I had until I was put into a situation that triggered a response I didn't feel comfortable with. The issues I talk about have to do with love and loss and I admit to having had my fair share of both. I truly believe you can't have one without the other, so the smart ones calculate risk vs reward when entering into love.

Was I smart? Was I stupid? Looking back I think I was both. But I now know that I got "snookered" by deception. Where was the integrity? I now know there was none. Where was the trust? That went out the door with the lies and the rest remain blurry and the memories of that love I repress. Truth? Are you kidding me? Truth is for the strong who have the integrity to trust in themselves. As I said before the deception in my life had none of those.

I was lucky though...
I found love again. It restored my faith in truth, integrity and trust and it feels great! But I now know that deception lays in wait for me, lurking in the dark alleys of my soul, ready to pounce when I am most vulnerable. I'm mot afraid though because the love I found is bountiful! This love has restored my faith in myself and this love will never leave me. How do I know? Because this is my love.

I love me more.

And that's the best love of all.

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the walking man said...

Candace, your issues are no more nor less than anyone else who has actually grown up into adulthood. Some brilliant person didn't coin the phrase "shit happens" just to put it on a FB meme.

Hell how would one recognize a rose scent if they never smelled skunk weed? I am glad you found what you needed woman. may it ever be a shield for you. Love is never wrong.