Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday, Err Ummm, I Mean Tuesday Morning Water Cooler

This is the post I was about to post yesterday when I got distracted by something and forgot about it:

Monday Morning Headline News:

  • It's frigid weather here so nothing much to do but indoor activities, so I saw two great movies yesterday. 
  • First up: Saving Mr Banks. This was a delight! Emma Thompson's portrayal of the acerbic author P.L Travers, who wrote the children's classic Mary Poppins series, was so unlikable which was in stark contrast to Tom Hanks' lovable portrayal of Walt Disney. The movie tells the tale of the making of Disney's classic musical motion picture of Travers book Mary Poppins and the seemingly insurmountable battle that ensued. In telling the tale we get a biographical look at Travers childhood with a surprise turn from Colin Farrell as her alcoholic banker father. I give this one a resounding two thumbs up! Let's just say that I enjoyed it so much, that I made a purchase on immediately after. 
  •  After a quick dinner, I then watched Dallas Buyers Club.  Talk about an about face on the subject matter. I get why Matthew McConaughey is winning all the awards for Best Actor this season. The movie and his performance was riveting. The subject matter-HIV Virus and Aids in the mid 80's-set the stage for McConaughey's portrayal of a man who unwittingly finds out about his diagnosis and death sentence. Jared Leto plays his transgendered partner in the journey to stay alive and beat the odds. Both McConaughey and Leto lost unhealthy amounts of weight to play these roles which lent itself to the urgency of this debilitating disease and the desperate measures people were willing to take in those days. Certainly worth viewing, for sure. 
  • Fortune or Misfortune? You decide. Watch out for those winter pot holes!  While I was going to pick up balloons for The Candy Bar event on Friday, I drove right over a pot hole the size of a bathtub. I didn't see it but my car certainly did! I was on a major thoroughfare with lots of traffic. Immediately the tire began to deflate and the steering wheel locked up. I pulled into the first driveway I could, which just so happen to be a Jiffy Lube. As I stepped out of the car on that frigid morning, an employee of Jiffy Lube came out to inspect. "I just got a bad flat tire can you help me?" was all I could muster up and I could hardly believe it when the man asked for my keys and pulled it into his garage to change to my spare. The whole thing took maybe 15 minutes and they didn't charge me!!!! I sent him a Dunkin Donuts gift card while i still wonder with amazement. 
So how was your weekend? 


Candy's daily Dandy said...

So this is very interesting....

Still loved it! True or not

Anonymous said...

The Capacity for human beings to do good for each other never ceases to amaze me.