Thursday, November 14, 2013

Three Reasons To Be Thankful This Beauty Of A Thanksgiving

Two weeks from today and for some of us it's already zero dark thirty and counting. 

The thought of spending a day, or in some cases a long weekend, with long lost relatives you'd rather loose for even longer can cause even the most level headed person major anxiety. I know what you are thinking.. Are they going to judge you and the career decisions your are making? Will Uncle Bob bring up old memories that still sting? And what about Cousin Janice? She's always looking for a juicy tidbit of gossip to share at the family water cooler; the punch bowl. And the biggest question of all: can I loose that extra 25 lbs in two weeks? 

While I can't claim to have a degree in the workings of human interaction and behavior, I can share with you some expertise of a different kind that is sure to give you a "turkey leg" up on spending time with your family during Thanksgiving. 

1.  The wonder of an at home facial mask: Seriously...listen up here because this one is a no brainer and a guaranteed game changer for hardly any effort. A simple "spring clean" for your face is what's in order and it's as easy as slathering it all over your just cleansed skin and waiting 15 minutes before rinsing off. Watching your favorite TV show? Perfect opportunity to pamper your puss. Eve Lom's Rescue Mask is just about the most perfect complexion concoction you could ask for. Voted by In Style Magazine as the Best Mask for Congested Skin for 9YEARS consecutively,  it's key ingredients are Kaolin (China Clay), Camphor and Honey. Rescue Mask boosts the complexion by improving  tired, dull skin. Puffiness? Dilute with a little water and apply under under the eye for 2-3 minutes and remove with damp muslin cloth. Your skin will glow and your relatives will wonder what it is about you that looks so "fresh".

2.    If you haven't already, get yourself an illuminating powder: I say this all the time and if you've ever been to The Candy Bar, chances are you've heard it, but a product like Kevyn Aucoin's The Celestial Powder in Candelight can take years off your face and make you the envy of everyone you know. Applied evenly to the top of your cheekbone, your brow bone and down the center of your nose, this light, shimmery powder can cause others to inquire about your special "glow". It's like this: You've just bumped into a friend you haven't seen in months at the grocery store. While you are answering her questions about your husband and the kids, her quizzical stare at your face and the distracted manner in which she responds to you is all the answer you need: SHE'S NOT LISTENING TO YOU BECAUSE SHE"S WONDERING WHAT IT IS ON YOUR CHEEKS THAT IS GIVING YOU THAT GORGEOUS GLOW. Take that Aunt Mary....can you please pass the pumpkin pie?

3.     A little bit of Bling dangling from your earlobe: Marilyn wan't kidding when she gave us the head's up about diamonds being a girl's best friend. While there's no need to break the bank here, a strategically placed gorgeous, blinggy earring lights up your face and your psyche! It's the holiday season, so a little dressier the occasion, the bigger and better the bling! Choose a sexy, dangly pair of earrings or a crystal clear stud to bring out your best face. Rebel Designs has several stunners that are budget friendly and perfect to pair with your holiday ensemble. Affordable, classic elegance that you can wear over and over again, a gorgeous pair of earrings is a great way to let everybody know you are no shrinking violet. 

Holiday's? They come and go but your family is forever. Don't sweat the small stuff. I promise, at least one or all of these simple beauty secrets can give you the boost to sit at the Thanksgiving table with confidence. At most, you'll feel better, and you might even find yourself having a great time!  
Because we all know what's coming next.....


Nicholas Temple said...

I heard this many years ago:

The reason most family reunions last no more than 48 hours is that, after the first 24, you remember why you left home.

the walking man said...

Here is the good part about my family, both my parents are deceased and us siblings really all have our own lives, so they ain't no get together.

Joann will be working that day so we also won't have to deal with all that.

I have to tell you Candace if you read this, I probably have made my last trip to MA last July. Flo passed week before last, Joann flew out last week and took care of arranging a dignified send off because the idiot children didn't know what to door want to do it. I am glad I got to meet you though and will keep in touch.