Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I Was Just Thinking Of Nothing Important Really...

  • Frack got his first college acceptance yesterday! Big day for him because at most we know he is going somewhere. It is not his first choice, we still await that decision, but it's nice to know that he's got one under his belt. Tonite we celebrate his golf team's Division 3 State Championship title at his year-end banquet. Frack is team captain so he gets to MC for the evening. I'm excited to see my son speak in front of his peers and their families. After all, he did come from me and I know there is lots of public speaking swagger in him. Handsome Frack, today I am proud and happy for him.

  • The holiday rush is upon us. I'm trying really hard not to push the retail bonanza buttons too early, and I've been trying to brainstorm ideas for projected growth this year. I've got a few goodies up my sleeve, and a store full of fantastic product. The question is, with all the competition out there can I capitalize on the season?

  • Speaking of The Candy Bar,Friday will be one year complete. Time flies when you are having fun, doesn't it?  So far, I have escaped alive. 

  • I saw an old friend last night and it was WONDERFUL! She and I were like peas and carrots from the moment we hugged our hellos. It was as if we never left each other some 13 years ago. the children are grown and we are both married to other men, but the connection between us remained the same.  It was so satisfying to hook up with someone whom I once was quite close to, although I never quite confirmed it, until last night. We somehow lost touch, and neither of us could remember why. The love and warmth I got from my friend was truly inspiring and I'm grateful to have her back in my life. 

    • Old man winter has sat his wrinkly a** in the region and he's not moving. It snowed yesterday for the first time and we, New Englander's, marveled at the flakes that did not accumulate on the ground. You'd think we never saw snow before...better be careful what we wish for. 


    MarkD60 said...

    I thought The Candy Bar was much older than a year. Happy Anniversary!

    Winter, no thanks.

    Candy's daily Dandy said...

    You are right Mark!!! I stand corrected, one year in the new location. The Candy Bar has been open since 2009.

    Nice catch!

    Scope said...

    Congrats on the boy getting in somewhere. We start that next year.

    the walking man said...

    Excellent all the way round.