Monday, November 25, 2013

The Giblets...

Ok, so I'm a Partiots season ticket holder and my family has been for at least 10 years. This means I am a big fan with a lot of great football watched by my two eyes.

Every season there is one game that is just soooo cooold that it makes you wonder why we pay premium prices to sit and freeze in the figid temps. Take last night's game:

It was a legendary set up; Brady vs Manning in the game of the year played in Foxboro in sub par temps with the frigid wind chill. I can't even tell you how cold it was because it doesn't really matter. I have been to and survived frigid games before. The Snow Bowl? Yeah, I was there and I lived to tell about it. But last night? I don't ever remember a cold like last night. It wasn't so much the cold as it was the wind. It was the gustiest, windiest, most freezingly biting cold wind I have ever experienced. And I was wearing fur!! It was insane.

Then there was the game.

Oh boy! I was ready to leave after the first three possessions of the ball. No wonder they fumbled three times in a row! It was so cold I'm not sure how they played in those conditions, but play they did. Going into half time at 24-0, I had enough. I could watch these guys loose big from the warmth and comfort of my own home, why should I torture myself? Then Gronk showed up and suddenly the momentum shifted. Suddenly it didn't seem so cold and the drink in my hand served to warm my soul. I still was disgusted, but when the score was 24-14 with more than enough time left, it was as if the Miami sun had shined it's warmth on every living, breathing Patriots fan in attendance.

Suddenly we were hugging and high-fiving and it wasn't because we needed the body heat of the person standing next to you. It was a new game entirely and the ticket money turned into money well spent. Then they tied the game and every fan practically disrobed because the adrenaline served to warm and wrap everyone up like a blanket. If you don't know what happened next, it was the stuff of legends.

Finally tucked into my bed at 2am, I was blanketed in victory and the cockles of my heart burned like a the hearth in a cozy Inn. And the cold?

What cold? Was it cold last night?


SkylersDad said...

Your boys made a great second half adjustment and we couldn't react to it. Congrats to you.

the walking man said...

What is a season ticket and football? Sounds like you spend money to become insane.