Monday, January 30, 2012

We Pardon This Interruption In Your Regular Programming

So I woke up this morning in Florida.

Long story short, I needed to come here least minute to take care of some family stuff, and its all good. Funny thing is, I feel kind of strange, you know, like this is a interruption in my "regularly scheduled programming". Even the air is different. The second I stepped off the plane, I could smell it. It smelled liked warm and balmy and it smelled good.

I'm just beginning to adjust and the weather helps with that process greatly. I can see why people want to come here to retire. If you've never been here, I can tell you that its got a kind of vacation feel, with plenty of palm trees and sunshine. Then there's the restaurants and strip malls. The place is inundated with miles of strip malls and fancy restaurants. And let's face it, lots of old people. Tons of them. This is their place and they are everywhere. They don't call it God's waiting room for nothing.

Florida is also the home of golf courses, lakes, Gators and Mickey Mouse and during the short time that I will be here, I hope I see none of them. I'm sure I will be seeing a lot of the inside of several of the local malls and a lot of the back of my eyelids. Yup, while sitting pool side. I'm going to squeeze in some quiet time by the pool, because soon enough I'll be back in the home of snow and ice.

And even though I have billed this as an inconvenience in my life, I need to understand that this is a small gift and enjoy myself.

Yeah, I think I can do that.


Heff said...

"Warm and Balmy". YUP. Welcome to the South !

Anonymous said...

There's a little town right outside of Orlando that's really cool and quaint.

the walking man said...

Land of snow and ice..Joann is in New Bedford (comes back today) and she has been ripping on me for a week about the 50 degree weather...

Scope said...

Hope your trip is a success, however you define the word.

MarkD60 said...

You woke up in Florida? Do you remember going to Florida? What's the last thing you remember?
Just kidding,
When I lived in the US, I needed a few sunny days every month. I could reach the Florida state line in 10 hours and the Keys in 20. Driving.