Friday, January 6, 2012

Freaky Friday

You'll go mad for these deals.

So it's Friday bloggers, and that means it's time to get your freak on!

I'm thinking of going to see," The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." I hated the book, and just couldn't get through it but everybody says that you need to force your way through the first few chapters. Duh? Why would I want to read a book that I have to force my way through the first few chapters? So, I think I'll go see the movie first and then decide whether or not I want to force my way through the first few chapters and complete the book.

And speaking of freaky, this kind of freak is the funniest freak I have seen in a while. The audio here could be considered NSFW, so be forewarned.

Enjoy and make sure you get your freak on this weekend bloggers!


The Dental Maven said...

The Maven couldn't get through the Tattoo either...I have a 50 page rule, life's too short and there are too many good books out there. Saw the first movie, however, the one with the subtitles...It. Was. Fabulous.

Heff said...

That girl needs to purchase some NAIR.

I'm starting to see the HINT of a mustache on her.

Furtheron said...

Funny - that (and the other two) were my highlights of reading this year. I didn't find it that heavy going, there is a bunch of scene setting but trust me the twist and countertwist throughout all three is brilliant.

Not seen the new film - not sure if I will go see it, although if Mr Craig is the star I'm surprised Mrs F hasn't be onto me to take her so she can sit there and swoon over him whilst I just pick up the tab :-)

I am currently half way through the original Swedish TV adapdations - they were 2 90 min episodes per book, so 6 in total. I'm therefore half way through the second book. They are very good and relatively close to the books unlike many films.

Slyde said...

i thought the first one was a good book. not great, but good. definitely ovverated.

i thought the 2nd book was very boring until the end, which i felt redeemed it and made it a decent book.

i thought the 3rd book was a boring, complete waste of time..

Slyde said...

and i saw the swedish films too. i thought the chick who played lisbeth was good, but too attractive for the role. the rest of the casting i thought was horrible, and they left out and changed too much from the books. they drove me crazy.

sybil law said...

I read all 3 books - book 1 started very slow, sped up like crazy and became awesome, slowed down a little at the end. Book 2 was really hard to get into, but one again, it gets SO GOOD and then you HAVE to read book 3. Book 3 was good, I thought. 2 was the worst of them all, in my opinion. Still- overall, they were awesome.
Haven't seen any movies of it, though. Yet.