Monday, August 3, 2009

Big City Of Dreams

I'm sure you are all expecting a couple of great pictures of Beckeye and I from our fabulous NYC meeting, but I dropped the ball and forgot my camera and my iphone took some pretty bad ones, so you'll just have to use your imaginations.

NYC was great! The good weather gods were smiling down on us, and we arrived late Friday night to find a FREE parking street spot smack dab in front of my BFF's front door. (After we had already parked in a 24hr garage around the corner. I went back to get the car and had to pay $12 for a full 10 minutes. Welcome to NYC)

Saturday was a perfectly glorious day! One BFF had to work till 6pm so the other BFF and I had mapped out our retail therapy day. Before we left, in true NYC fashion, I crawled out onto my girlfriend's fire escape to breathe in the splendor of the city. I had been sitting out there for a few minutes, when I spied a simple everyday task being performed that I found most fascinating.

Someone's Nonna was hanging out the laundry. I gotta tell you, she had it down to a science. She lined up all the clothespins in the window sill and she expertly hung each item with precision and skill as she moved them down the pulley in a most efficient fashion. I was entranced, but was startled back in reality when I realized I had wasted almost 20 minues watching Nonna and the laundry show.

Off we went. First stop, Bergdorf Goodman, where the shoe sale was 65% off!! Apparently the entire designer shoe wearing population of NYC was aware of this as well, because all that was left was the red-headed step-child of designer shoes, picked over and discarded. Sadly, we left empty handed. We did, however, manage to catch a white-trash, cash padded pimp and what I am assuming were his two ho's, buying at least 10 pairs of shoes for the girls as they giggled and caressed his bald head. I heard him say to the ladies, "I don't want you girls wearing these out on the streets, ya'll hear me?" Where else but the big city.

We visited Henri Bendel, then hopped a cab to Soho where we ripped that place up as well. It was about 3pm, and since we had not eaten any lunch, we decided to stop for some oysters and champagne. I stepped outside and gave Becks a ring on the telly, so we could plan our meet up time. The plan was to meet up at 7:30, but like most well laid out plans that get messed up by a few glasses of champagne, we were late. We had planned to meet down on the Chelsea pier on an old boat that is now a bar called The Frying Pan.

We arrived closer to 8:30, and it was a good thing, because Becks was running late too. I had already talked to Beckeye at least 4 or 5 times to assure her that we were on our way. The sun was just setting pink on the Hudson and the night was clear and picturesque. It was a beautiful sight. We saw our destination, which turned out to be 3 separate boats attached to each other, jam-packed with people. As I walked up to the line at the dock, I spotted Becks. In pure Candy fashion, I started screaming her name like an excited fool. I gave her a BIG hug, introduced her to my friends, and we were off to mix and mingle among the masses on the boats.

We managed to find a table amidst the chaos, (sorry for the pic, but the boat sways, although you don't realize it unless you are looking over at one of the other boats) and we chatted and had cocktails on the Hudson. I have to say it was really beautiful. Beckeye is AWESOME, and beautiful and funny and sweet and smart, as I knew she would be, and we talked about all of you and the bloggersphere. We talked about lots of things, and I found our conversation to be easy and interesting, as we never really ran out of things to talk about. After a while, the music got louder and we got tired of screaming and were all getting hungry, so we left and went to a GREAT Italian restaurant that Becks suggested and had a late dinner.

We sat outside in a quaint little back patio and had some really great food. Becks friend met up with us there and all 5 of us enjoyed each others company over some Sangria. The portions were huge and the appetizers were so great that by the time dinner was served, we were already stuffed. BUT, being the trooper that I am, I managed to keep going, and continued on with my meal. Can't let a fabulous meal go to waste, right??

At dinner we laughed and joked about the funny, stupid stuff, and I was now beginning to feel the effects of the "crash and burn" syndrome. The food had grounded me back to earth and I knew I was "stick a fork in me" done. Christ, I'm old. What do you expect? We wrapped things up around 12:30 and I knew it was a night for me, so I sadly said my goodbye's to Beckeye (who continued her night on. She's my hero). We decided that she NEEDS to come to Boston, (since she has never been) and she needs to come soon, so I can take her to the sacred grounds of Fenway Park. Becks admitted to being a huge baseball fan as a young girl, but since the Pirates are not gunning for titles every year, she has lost her desire for America's favorite pastime.

Here's hoping a trip to Fenway, "America's Most Beloved Ball Park" will change all that. Hell Becks, we'll even get you a Sox baseball cap so that the chances of you being beat up and mugged in your neighborhood while wearing it, will increase by at least 50%! Good times.

In all, it was a wonderful meeting and I'm so glad Beckeye and I met.

Now Becks girl, I'm talking to you, c'mon and let me show you my city!! AND this time, we'll take pictures...


The Dental Maven said...

Looks like it was great! Now make sure you let me know if you ever make your way down to the US Capital City!!!!

NY pimps and ho's don't hold a candle to our congressional members!

Jimmy Bastard said...

Visiting an Italian restaurant in NYC is a definite must on my 'to do' list.

How you fixed for a neet oot early next year?

BeckEye said...

'twas a lovely time! Did you ever get to watch Robin Byrd? :)

I definitely want to come to Boston. Maybe I should come during football season. I would be much more into the trash talking then.

Hey, did you know it's your boy Tawmmy's birthday today?

SkylersDad said...

I am just not buying this "forgot my camera" business, you both were in the slammer for public indecency, weren't you?

Fancy Schmancy said...

Sounds like a great time!

Scandalous Housewife said...

LOVE it, Candy! But wish you had some pics!

What fun!

Cora said...

Hee hee hee. Look at us go, Candy! One by one all us bloggers are meeting each other ~ exciting, isn't it?! :-)

TROLL Y2K said...

Did you see any Amish people?

Anonymous said...

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