Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sweep Away That Winter Grey

In my business, I talk to both women and men about their appearance multiple times every day. Even when I'm not working, people tend to ask my advice on a plethora of beauty questions much to my delight! So it is with some acquired authority that I tell you that come January in most of the North East, we are all flaking and cracking our dry skin.

And it really freaks people out!

Even I get caught dry and flaky from time to time, but the biggest mistake that we make, I have learned in my experience over the years is this:

Women tend to mistake SURFACE DRYNESS and DEHYDRATION for wrinkles. 

In doing so, they also adopt a defeatist attitude and therefore neglect to treat the issue accordingly. Sometimes it's an easy fix, like a 15 minute at home mask that delivers hydration.Poof! Like magic, those "wrinkles" that you conceded to as bad genetics are suddenly smoothed, plump and dare I say it? GONE. Sometimes it takes a bit longer to get results, like using products containing Vitamin C and hylauronic acid regularly. The one thing I know for sure is that during the Polar Vortex season, we need to work a bit harder taking care of our skin, hair, nails and any and all parts of us exposed to the elements.

My sure fire favorites for combating the dry and flaky dehydrated look are as follows:

  • Serums

This is most certainly serum season. If you are not adding a serum UNDER your moisturizer, you are leaving your skin vulnerable to dehydration. BKamins has one of the best products on the market to help your skin to garner an immediate result after just one or two uses! The first two ingredients are Vitamin C and hylaronic acid, exactly what your skin needs to shed dead skin cells and bind moisture to you skin's surface, while giving you a brighter all over skin tone.  

  • Exfoliate
You have to exfoliate. I will state that again because it's super important, you have to exfoliate. Especially during this season. Twice or thrice times weekly (depending on skin type) exfoliated skins soak in beauty treatments 20-30% more effectively. Rodial's Super Acids Extreme Acid Rush Peel is an amazingly easy way to slough off all that unwanted dryness while leaving your skin with a gorgeous glow. This power packed mixture of fruit acids is so easy to use! Apply twice weekly for 10-15 minutes and feel it working with that telltale tingle then remove and apply serum and moisturizer immediately. Your skin is left with a gorgeous radiance that will a noticeable difference to everyone.

  • At Home Masks
Targeted for your skin's concerns, an at home mask can make a huge difference in the surface texture and appearance of a dull and dry complexion. Eve Lom's Moisture Mask is my go to for instant hydration and a dewy appearance. This water based mask with it's gel-like consistency is like a drink of water for today's dehydrated faces. No need to remove this mask when applied to just cleansed skin, it's a treat that leaves you skin supple and hydrated. 

  • Moisture
Moisture is the most important element in any beauty regimen, in my opinion. Replacing moisture equates to smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles and protecting skin against anti-aging free radicals. Rodial's Bee Venom Moisturizer is a rich, creamy, highly moisturizing cream that delivers instant hydration.Created to compete with rich creams like Creme de la Mer, the venom from bees acts like an invasive injectable to blur the look of fine lines and wrinkles.Simply said, it's a rich, yummy cream all year but especially right now.

It's a matter of maintenance.When the outside world is harsh and damaging, we need to work twice as hard at keeping our skin hydrated. Keep in mind-out with the old and in with the new-new skin, that is.
It will be well worth it.


Kenneth Noisewater said...

I never had dry skin, but now I do. So I guess that means I'm old as balls. I do like putting lotion on my face after the shower, especially at the gym. So cool and refreshing. Woooooo!

the walking man said...

I think I will just continuing growing my eyebrows until they merge with my beard--I'll be full insulated that way.