Monday, January 19, 2015

I've Got The Music In Me

I have made it no secret in the seven years I have been writing this blog that I suck at music. There is even a category in the archives of The Daily Dandy that states just that, "I suck at music" with two posts to date. To say that is a bit overstated may be more accurate, but by calling myself out with the generalization I mean that I have never really been much of a music collector through the years. Even in my prime teen music listening years, I was happier listening to the radio than collecting albums. Then Apple and Steve Jobs changed the way the world listened to and purchased music, yet I still seemed content listening to my radio.

I listen to music all day. I listen to the radio on my way to work and all day in my store. At the store I listen to Pandora and can tailor my music tastes to suit the environment, but in my car I am at the mercy of the radio station of my choosing. Yes, I have an iPod and yes, I have a bit of music I have bought in these "iTunes" recent years. I even know what a playlist is but I never really had much of a need to create one. Really.

Well that all changed on Saturday night.

After a fab dinner with 5 of my favorite people, on the ride home in our Uber car, we got stuck in over an hour of unusually heavy traffic. One of my friends asked the driver if he had an AUX cord to which he obliged. She plugged in her phone and we listened to her playlist on her phone. I explained to her that I wasn't sure how all that "worked" with the phone and she explained it to me quickly.

A light went off.

Of course I knew how this worked! I had bought music sporadically here and there on my phone, but I never had really organized it or realized the power I held in the palm of my hand. I started organizing and setting my previously purchased music into playlists! "I don't suck at this!", I thought to myself and I immediately wanted more. I then downloaded the app Shazam and began purchasing songs I liked in the iTunes Store. When the traffic had ended and I was safely encsconsed at home I had already purchased 63 songs.

A monster has been created and I LOVE it! As of today I have purchased over 100 songs and find that during down times I am shuffling and organizing my music on my devices. It's beginning to get a bit pricey and I know the novelty will wear off soon, but for now I am making up for lost time! As a matter of fact as I type this I am listening to some of my favorite songs on my phone.

And this whole experience has helped me to realized that I have pretty good taste in music. Eclectic, yet classic and edgy at the same time and distinctly me. Music makes me happy and you know what?
I don't suck at music!!

In fact, I'm quite good, really. Who knew?


the walking man said...

Candace has evolved, she is now a 21st century hipster, ready to sell it all and move to America's new hip community;downtown Detroit.

They'd have you in a heartbeat, you'd be asked to all the hipster functions and soon may even be able to leave that 10 sq. mile area.

But you'd have to have Marvin Gaye on that playlist, or you would have no hipster in you at all.

Scope said...

This is where we're different.

I have a shite ton of music. I have boxes and boxes of CDs (I want to really OWN my music, and digital downloads (especially from Apple), isn't ownership. 60 GB & 16,000 files.

I have 2 playlists, my iPod is dead.


Heff said...

Regardless, there are worse things to suck at than music.