Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Planes, Stains and Television

So I left for sunny Florida yesterday on a Jet Blue Flight from Boston to Fort Meyers. I couldn't wait to get the hell out of the cold! Since New Years Day I have been traveling nonstop. Frack and I went to NYC to find her an apartment (which we did) and then came home for a day but left the next day for Florida. Now safely ensconced in my week's vacation destination with my family, I have a few observations to share with you on travel.

Rolling luggage, cross body bags and Uber-Wow! Who invented rolling luggage? I would truly like to meet them and thank them. Rolling luggage has become a commonplace thing for travelers today, but you don't really appreciate it until you have to walk around NYC looking at apartments before going to Penn Station to board your train home. Life saver, really. Shuttling through the airport with a heavy roller makes life so much easier. 

And speaking of easier-I recently received a FABULOUS cross body purse for my birthday and it is quite possibly the best travel companion. Not only does it free up your hands, but because it is securely hung around your neck and slung across your body, you need not worry about the bag slipping off your shoulder or being "ripped" off your shoulder. Secure and easy. 

UBER? If you are not familiar with the Uber car service Ap for your smart phone, let me tell you this is the epitome of travel convenience. You download the ap, punch in your location, call for a car and voila! You get a map with the exact location of your driver, the time until your pickup and a phone call from your driver to let you know they have arrived! The best part? No money is transacted-all rides and tips are charged to your credit card stored to in your Uber ap. Uber is not yet in all locations in the US, but I can see why the cab companies hate Uber. They have made it ever so easy to get a car. Especially if you are in a major city.

Jet Blue- First let me state this unequivocally-I love Jet Blue! Again, I love Jet Blue, but even Tom Brady  throws a pick in the end zone once in a while (God forbid) Lets just say that my latest Jet Blue experience was not the best. Let's start with the stains in the bathroom-on the floor, on the walls and most definitely on the counter. I'm usually not that skittish when it comes to airplane bathrooms but even I didn't want to touch anything or even breathe in there. 

Then there were the wheelchairs-which isn't really Jet Blue's fault. I'm sure the airline provides wheelchairs for all of their elderly patrons, but I have never seen so many elderly people in wheelchairs at the gate who miraculously were able to get up and walk on to the plane, no problems. I suspect better screening would alleviate the wheelchair traffic congestion at the gate. 

Takeoff was brutal! Again, not Jet Blue's fault really, but let's just say that the wind in Boston caused the takeoff to be prayer inducing and sigh/scream worthy from more that not of the passengers on board. I definitely spent the first 10 minutes of my plane ride with God. 

But the TV's? Here is where Jet Blue has it figured out. Sit me in front of my very own, personal TV set for 3-6 hours and I am a happy girl! Funny thing, I find I watch shows I wouldn't normally watch at home when my TV time is limited. It's like I have the best excuse in the world to watch any kind of TV show that strikes my fancy. I watched a lot of Food Network this trip and I'm sure it won't surprise you at all that I am cooking a feast for my family tonight. Inspiration comes from all places! 

Who am I to complain, really? I am blessed to be able to enjoy time away in the warm weather with my family. Trains, planes and automobiles and all-life could be far worse.

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