Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Into God's Hands

I lost a member of my family yesterday.
While this woman was not very close to us in recent history, she was at one point someone we cared about.

There was no personal reason for our loss of contact in recent years. No horrible tragedies or awful disagreements, but only that she became the victim of neglect and she didn't deserve it. She became a forgotten, inconvenient soul in the end and for that I am sad. Her life was a cautionary tale and I wonder if in her advanced years, sort of gave up. Falling victim to the cancer we surprisingly found out about in the end. There will be no memorial, no services or finger sandwiches and coffee with memories. Just silence for her soul.

I speak of her today so that she may know that her memory lives on in me. And the love I once felt for a family member meant something. Love is real, but never logical. Love is the only thing we know to be true.

I want you all to know that she mattered and that she was loved and anyone to else that reads this too. So she will know someone cared.


MarkD60 said...


I was thinking lately about how that since my dad died, that side of the family has drfted away. Even since I grew up, relatives I used to see at least once a year have not been seen in twenty.

Anonymous said...

So Sorry for your loss.

I know several people that have fit into this category within my own family. I totally understand this post.

the walking man said...

Everyone should be remembered for a little while at least. Too many are not and that is a sad thought. Be Well Candace.