Thursday, June 12, 2014

Face The Truth

I had an interesting conversation with a client yesterday about the injectable beauty treatment Botox. She asked me how I felt about Botox and if I had "experimented' with it. I gave her my opinion and she then told me an interesting thing. She went on to tell me about a very good friend of hers who is trained in a highly specialized discipline called Micro Expression Recognition. She explained how these people are experts in facial recognition and can read your true emotions by studying the facial expressions of the face. Interesting enough, right?

She told me that her friend told her she would NEVER let her get Botox because it would, "ruin her marriage".

Now I was intrigued.

Her friend, she said, believes that in order to communicate with a spouse, the expressions of the face are crucial to giving and receiving emotion. Botox, when injected into the face, 'freezes' expression lines, giving some a motionless face in certain areas. Long since favored by women everywhere to reduce wrinkles, Botox's popularity is by no means waning. In fact it's gathering momentum and Botox injections are becoming so commonplace that women are holding "parties" with their friends to get their injections.

 Are millions of women putting their marriages in jeopardy all for the sake of beauty? A quick check on the subject proves that my client's friend's theory has some scientific weight to it. THIS article goes on to say that Botox does "impair the ability to process the emotional content of language, and may diminish the quality of the emotional experience", but it also states that the media has "overstated" the results of this study and that more investigation is needed.

I say that anything is fine in moderation. So if you think your marriage is in trouble because of your injectable fillers, I've got news for you: there's more to it than meets the matter if the eye has tell tale "crows feet" or not. It may be time for you to face the truth about your marriage.


the walking man said...

If I botoxed my beard, do you think Joann would be able to understand me less?

MarkD60 said...

Interesting post.

I notice all the "lines" in the picture have negative names... For example, the laugh lines are called crows feet.

VEG said...

I don't think these things actually make a person look younger. Smoother maybe. Younger no. In the end aging gracefully is always going to be better. I hope!