Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Exerpts From A Conversation With Myself

SCENE: It's a clear, bright and gorgeous Wednesday morning and a group of my high school girlfriends have decided to meet at the beach for the day....which almost never happens.

ME: Ok Self, it's a beautiful day! Nothing better to do than play hooky and hanging with your best girlfriends at the beach all day. I am definitely going to meet them! 

SELF: Seriously Candace? You have a JOB. It's not like you have a million things to do. Sure, you just go take off for the day and let everything handle itself. Real responsible....

ME: Oh c'mon, don't be such a wet rag! I have everything covered. The store is completely staffed and there is nothing that can't wait till tomorrow. Its summer, and days like this don't come along often. Lighten up!

SELF: Ok, well you just take off for a day of fun and I will worry about everything else. No really, go have a day to yourself and don't you fret. Everybody else will do your work for you. Yup, you can just be a lady of leisure today. Go for it.

ME:  Isn't that what I pay them to do? Don't I deserve to enjoy a day to myself? 

SELF: If that's what you want to tell yourself. 

ME: You are ruining this for me. You know, if I could I would dump your ass like a hot potato. Im going to do what I want to do so just mind your own business. 

SELF: Isn't that what I'm doing? 

Guess who won this argument bloggers? 


Scope said...

Our summer is still a little cold and wet (the Lake hasn't warmed up yet). I really need some days off.

But they are coming. They are coming.

MarkD60 said...

The day off won!